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Hi all, I'm on my second day of trying to sort myself out. I'm morbidly obese and desperately want to change. I've always been a night time eater (biscuits) and I know it's one of the big things I need to fix but I don't know how. I tried to go cold turkey last night and ended up not sleeping until I'd eaten which made me feel like a big failure this morning :(. Does anyone have any tips or advice on how to beat this?

Thanks for reading.


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  • Try dividing your daily calories into 4 - breakfast, lunch, dinner and evening! An evening bowl of porridge + some fruit would be better than biscuits. Although my evening calories tend to be of the gin variety - just to keep me sane - so I'm probably not the person to answer this post!

  • Lol thanks for that. To be honest I'm not too hung up on the calories as my allowance is 2700 - 3500 and I'm within that. I just really want to break that bad habit of night time eating. I like the idea of slow burning food before bed that's not a bad idea.


  • Try weening yourself off as opposed to cold turkey as you say its a habit and you want to change it. I personally would start by reducing amount, or by changing to a healthier option. Otherwise you could try distraction methods. I e keeping your hands busy may help, i do jewellery making to distract myself from picking at snacks. Its trial and error, dont beat yourself up its still early days and we all have setbacks, today is a new day

  • You say you were unable to sleep until you'd had your biccy fix, is this because you felt very hungry or were they just on your mind?

  • I'm pretty sure it was because they were on my mind or it was a case of "I've always had them"

  • That's slightly tougher, if it was hunger you could trying increasing your satiety at bedtime with something like unsweetened Cocoa.

    Maybe try removing the temptation, throw the biscuits away :o probably daunting for you but it might be the way forward, if you are going to succeed at this you are going to need to build some willpower, sorry if it's not the answer you wanted to hear. As it's probably habitual, it should get easier after 5 days or so.

  • This may not be a popular answer, but what about seeing your doctor and asking for a mild sleeping pill which you take before the cravings set in?

    Also, I've found crash dieting is the only way for me - I get so motivated by regular daily weight loss. I don't have patience, so slow and steady for me does not win the race. I eat lots of protein, particularly salmon, and loads of veggies, but nothing else. It seems to be working and I am so happy!

    Good luck, be strong, we're all behind you.

  • Thanks for the replies. It's tough as I want to do it organically I.e without medical help as I strongly believe I need to make changes for life and I think for me I can only do that and keep doing it myself. I think that perhaps at this stage the key is exercise as if I eat the same as yesterday today but I've done 30 mins activity I'm in a better spot.....(my brain may not always function in the "correct way" but I think there is method there lol)

  • It took me several goes to beat my sugar addiction, so don't feel like a failure at your first go. My problem was sugar in my tea, so I stopped having ordinary tea and went for fruit teas instead. Can you think of a substitute for your biscuits, perhaps?

    You've made the first step in recognising that you need to give them up. Keep reminding yourself about this. Good luck.

  • I started two weeks ago on a healthy eating plan, made homemade soups so you know whats in them. I still have one sugar in tea but just limit myself to four cups aday then water. I have cut down on the carbs and fats and make portions smaller. I also move about more I think thats the secret to loosing weight. Dont punish yourself if you slip up just try and get on track the next day. Wishing you lots of luck.

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