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100g gone this week

So thats 3kg lost all up. Definitely can feel a difference in my clothes. Had some yummy homemade focaccia bread and 4 small choccy biscuits on Friday. This was a treat instead of takeaway as we were out. So not too bad, considering. Now I have a had a choccy fix I'm all ready to go this week. If we had had takeaway I would have put weight on that's for sure.

I'm doing quite well cutting out the sugar (ignoring the one off choccy fix!) but carbs is proving harder. Need to be more focused.

Good luck everyone for the week ahead. :)

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That's great then! Especially the fact that you feel a difference in your clothes!


Hi Size12goal,

Well done for the 3kg loss so far. That's brilliant! Great that you're noticing a difference in your clothes as well.

Wishing you a great week ahead.

Lowcal :-)


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