Support and motivation needed

Hi, I have been trying to lose weight since November and have lost 9 lbs. Great start, but since beginning January I have remained the same weight despite increasing exercise. I seem to have an emotional tie with food and could do with some support and motivation.


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  • Don't despair... You clearly got off to a great start. Do you write down and track your calories? I've failed losing weight more times than I care to remember...slimming world, weight watchers and so the list goes on. However, Come January I decided to crack the code to proper weight loss and put an end to my binge eating. Do you binge eat? Maybe you need to retrain your brain, as I did. It doesn't take too long to get to grips with. You're obviously trying to eat sensibly and cut your calories. Try to stick to a light breakfast, light lunch such as soup and piece of fruit and then have a proper dinner but try to have more vegetables and less meat for instance. Cut the snacks in between meals to a mi I mum but if you want something sweet occasional

  • ....then have it! Don't make yourself feel deprived. Stick with it and keep exercising....the weight will come off. You've already lost weight so you're on the right path. X

  • I was all set to lost weight after having my baby. Christmas came with all its goodies, although I did restrict myself I also enjoyed some nice treats. Since then iv been all over the place. My meals are pretty sorted, maybe a few improvements with evening meal, it's when I find I'm sitting with a cup of tea or resting that I'm dreaming of what's in the cupboard and next minute I'm eating. Sleep deprivation due to my son teething and colds haven't helped me, too tired so grab an easy fix.

  • Me too, but I used to binge eat:) Not sure if that applies to you but if it does check out a forum that has a brilliant technique to stop binging! You might have to scroll down a bit to find it but it warrants the scroll, ha ha! Seriously helped me and it super easy to do. Anyways, hope this helps you:)

    Best of luck to you!

  • Stay strong and believe in yourself. The bad weather and dark nights dont help but we all start diets then fail and start again.

  • Your body has got used to the amount of calories you are taking in. Perhaps try altering your calorie intake over a few days, up and/or down. Try changing what you eat, perhaps try swapping cereal for eggs for breakfast. Swap 'White' for 'wholemeal', wheat for rye, or cut out bread altogether. Make sure you are not eating any hidden sugar, and that you are eating enough protein.

    Experiment and keep a food diary. Good luck.

  • Thankyou, I have just started a food diary. I think I have been concentrating more on varying and increasing my exercise, my eating habits have improved but perhaps not enough

  • hi

    just keep at it, i have just completed my sixth week and and have maintained having lost a pound last week and no loss the week before that. I would agree with the comments made in respect of keeping a diary and increasing fruit, veg and salad portions and reducing snacks.

  • Hi .... I can recommend My Fitness Pal for logging your food and your exercise. It's great as it will show you where you're over eating and then you can make changes. It also gives you a calorie allowance as a guideline. I think it's fabulous and best of all it's FREE!

    Cut out biscuits, chocolate, cake, potatoes, white bread and alcohol for a week and see what effect that has. Weigh all your food for a week to help you log the exact amount you're eating.

    I've got scoops that help me measure things so I know that one scoop of muesli is 55grams. It makes it so much easier to gain control. Or eat 2 weetabix as that's another easy way to measure things.


  • You've been given some excellent tips and suggestions already from others who've been there. However, 'support and motivation'? Support you will get here. Motivation - well, that's something else again. It can really only come from you, from within yourself, what you want to do and why you want to do it.

    I would do as suggested by tillergirl. Definitely cut out alcohol, first and foremost. The body has to deal with alcohol before it deals with anything else. Also cut out cake, biscuits, sweets, chocolate. Replace white bread with wholemeal/wholegrain. If you eat potatoes, eat them whole - the best part of a potato is the vitamins just under the skin, and the skin is valuable fibre.

    It's not so uncommon, having an emotional tie with food. Many parents used food as a reward - do this and you can have a sweetie etc. This happened so long ago when you were so small you don't even remember the occasion or the circumstances.

  • Hi thankyou for your comment. I agree with you I suppose it's the support to stay motivated that I should have asked for. As for alcohol, I don't drink at all. It is the cakes, biscuits etc. Iv bought a load of fruit and so far today I have replaced any snack with a piece of fruit. Iv also joined my fitness pal as someone mentioned, so with the support I have been getting I'm feeling quite positive.

  • If you want a drink, stick to wine, not beers or spirits. Try to drink less and less.

    All the best, Liesel x

  • stick with it! each day is a new day, and each day you eat healthily is another small step to what you want to be x

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