Newbie wanting a buddy?

Hi all! Im a married mummy of 3. Currently weighing in at 15st 10 want to lose 5st10! Trying to follow the NHS 12 week plan and keep within my calories of 1700.

I have a massive problem with overeating and binging :(

Just taken on an allotment and taken up spinning! I also work 3 days a week. Im on MFP and have a fit bit.

Does anyone want an email pal to support each other aand to motivate and weekly weigh in etc?

Hope to speak with you soon! Thanks xx


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18 Replies

  • Hi. I have just signed up on here. Well done for following the weight loss plan, I am about 20 stone and have just finished week one of the couch to 5k. I too binge eat and had an assessment at the eating disorders clinic this week, so at the moment i am optimistic i can get fitter than i am now. I have two teen sons, i love to garden and go walking in the hills but at the moment my weight is stopping me doing big hills. So hears to us getting fit

  • Well done thats brilliant! how did you find the couch to 5k? I want to try it myself but not sure about my poor knees lol.

    What was involved in the assessment may I ask? Any tips? I have brought a couple of self help books!

    Yes heres to us getting fit! :) xx

  • The running is ok, they build you up slowly so this week have just run a minute walked 90 seconds for with a warm up and cool down walk either side so it takes just half an hour.

    The assessment was lots of questions, about when i stated overeating, what my childhood was like, was i bullied etc. do i purge.

    Self help books are good, but i feel support from professionals is what i need. Its a dam hard addiction to beat is food But one day at a time is all we can do

    D x

  • Hi Mummy of three! Mummy of two teenage boys here! Absolutely fantastic you've started....well done you. It's so hard to make those first steps but you are going to do just great! Would love to know how you get on with that Fitbit. I was looking at that myself yesterday...looks really good and has great reviews on line. Well I too have a weight loss journey. At Christmas I could have cried standing on the scales so decided to enjoy all that Christmas food and then start my new life from 1st Jan! I've now lost just over a stone with ideally another 3 to go! I've followed the calorie checker daily and cut out all snacks and most bread, roast potatoes and the like. Stuck to fruit breakfast, soup lunch and then normal family meal In the evening, but try to cut down on the meat and add extra veg. Being busy has been key as I manage to forget when I am having a hungry moment. It's amazing how when you really want to, you can re-programme your mind . When I think I fancy food, I ask myself am I actually I really need that, or do I just fancy something? The answer is normally the fancy one! This week I started to train for a 5k run in either June or October..having never been able to run throughout my life! Quick walk to raise the heart beat then 10 repetitions of jog 1 minute, walk 2 minutes. This is alternated for the first week every other day with a fast 30 minute walk. It really works and I'm already feeling the difference. Really will keep my fingers crossed that you do really well. Remember every time you go for more than one naughty, how much you would rather be slim! Good luck Mummy of three! X

  • Hey Mummy of 2! You sound fantastically motivated and well done on your loss so far!

    Thank you for the tips I will definitely put those to good use. I'm the same have never ran can't run... Always wanted to though!

    The fitbit is well worth it it does keep you motivated and encourages you to do more it's a clever thing and I wouldn't be without mine!

    I'd reccomend to anyone xx thanks again for the reply

  • Think I will have to invest! Best of luck on your weight loss journey. Xx

  • Hi

    Can we buddy up ???

    I have issues also!!! And need a pal....😂

  • Hi June! Of course would love to! Shall I send my email over? X

  • Hi June1965, How are you doing today? how do you handle your food issues?

    I binge eat but have gone over a week not binge eating so was pleased. Had meal out yesterday and keep telling myself that's ok i can have a meal out and a couple of beers with out getting back in to the cycle of bingeing.


    From your flag i think we have more in common that the food thing x

  • the flag comment !!! Girl power I say,

    And food sometimes is a problem or the weight I gain is.... Xx

  • Girl power!!!!!!! lol. well here's to food not being a problem today... One day at a time xx

  • I'm just starting week 6, lost 11lbs so far but had a naughty night last night so dreading my weigh in tomorrow. But i already feel so much better and have about the same weight as you to lose, so go for it girl! Good luck for your first week.

  • Well done on your progress so far! I'm sure your weigh in will be a positive one! Let me know how you went on?

    Thanks for your reply! We will do this. Xx

  • Do you mind a man tagging along. I'm 48 dad yo a 19 year old lad and need bit support to get going again. Please add or follow for support

  • Hi! Absoloutely more thn welcome! How are you doing so far? Will follow you! It's a tough journey but we can do this! :)

  • Its evening I struggle most the grazing.

    My first week I've lost 4lb so pleased.

  • Brilliant! That's great progress! I know exactly what you mean about eves I also struggle then.

  • Yes it hard I'm doing it not even hungry. Its hard

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