Weighing day has arrived

Well, with 4 weeks up I finally weighed in and was delighted to find I have lost 8lbs. I know this loss rate will not be maintained as some is fluid but, as I am looking on this as a permanent healthy way of life, the 4 week figure is a bonus whatever the scales say!

Yesterday's fast I found quite difficult as a felt vaguely nauseous all day and a little down. I don't know if this was co-incidental or whether anyone else has experienced this?

Now my plan for the next 4 weeks is to extend my exercise routine so hopefully more Nordic walking and rebounding.

Best wishes to everyone on this journey.


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15 Replies

  • Well done! 8 lbs is brilliant! Keep at it!

  • Fantastic Result, well done, keep going.

  • Thank you so much. It is great to receive words of encouragement.

  • Well done thats really great. Keep up the good work. I dont do fasting days but in tge first few weeks i had days where i felt so drained and weak. I think its just the body getting used to the lower amount of foods and usually passes. If it continues though maybe just get a gps opinion as could be something else not relating to the diet

  • Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. I think you are correct as I have felt fine today. Hopefully it was just a blip!

  • Lillias, that's fab. Lower numbers on the scales is the best incentive. Keep going.

  • Hi Gillian

    Yes it really is an incentive when you see you are heading in the right direction. Hope you are doing well also.

  • I am another kg down today...just...which I'm pleased with as it's cold here so I haven't been out walking but I will this week, I need to move myself!

    I'm going to see if I can wait 'til the end of the month to weigh myself. What made you decide to do it monthly?

  • Hi Gillian

    Well done, a kg nearer your goal Weight! To compensate for bad weather I bought a couple of Leslie Sanson's Walk at Home exercise videos from Amazon. They are all about exercising aerobically (is that a word?) by walking. She also introduces strength training in some videos. My kitchen is small but still gives me enough room to follow the routines. Her 'walks' are split up into 20 min. sections and I found them encouraging and some of her participants' weight losses inspirational. She has a hugh following in the States but her videos available here are limited. The one I started with is Mini Walks containing 3 one mile walks. Anyway, worth a thought.

    I decided to weigh in every 4 weeks to avoid the weekly fluctuations. I knew it would depress me to find little or no loss after a week of effort so figured that, over 4 weeks, my pluses/losses would have balanced out and I was more or less guaranteed to have lost weight overall. As I am looking at a life time healthy change, losing 4lbs every 4 weeks will keep me happy, losing half a pound 1 week would not have the same impact.

    Wishing you another successful week. We must remember to enjoy the journey as well as the arrival. Life is too short to waste any of it.

  • That's great 8lbs awesome :) well done. How come you fasted yesterday ? Are you doing a different diet to the 12week or have I missed something .

  • Hi, thanks for your comments. Yes, I am doing the 5:2 as I figured I would have more chance of remaining with it long term as opposed to counting calories for ever more.

    My daughter who is an amateur marathon and triathlon athlete has been following this for the last two years as she firmly believes in the health benefits behind the diet. She now is on the 6:1 and says she really notices if she is away on business and misses her fast days.

    Horses for courses really, you just have to go with what suits you as an individual.

  • Sounds interesting not one I know about always kept with slimming world which did not suit me at all I even put weight on with that lol. it's definitely about what suits your life and body for sure. I will look that up. Thank you for sharing :)

  • Hi Louisa

    The 5:2 diet involves fasting (eating 500 calories a day for women) for 2 (not necessarily consecutive) days per week. The rest of the week you eat as normal so no calorie counting.

    If you are interested then I recommend reading The Fast Diet by Dr Michael Mosley & Mimi Spencer which explains in layman language the science behind it.

    Good luck with whatever method you decide on.

  • You might be experiencing 'ketosis flu'. Try having chicken soup/beef broth or something like Bovril.

  • Thank you so much for that advice which I will definitely follow should I experience the same symptoms next Tuesday.

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