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Weight loss for charity

At work as part of our citizen challenge we will need to raise £125 per employee for the charity ACORNS. So therefore my weight loss challenge is for them. Im going to put in £1 for each 1lb i lose & if i dont lose or put on then i put £2 in the pot. Im giving myself until the end of this 12 week challenge but will continue until June. My aim is to lose 28lbs plus. The rest of my £125 will come from different exercise challenges any people set for me as im not an exercise freak. I want to do this as the money will also make a difference to a childs life as well as mine.

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Great idea, especially the bit about penalising yourself if you gain (which I am sure won't happen), can you not get any of your friends or colleagues to match your £ for £ if you lose?


Seems like great motivation to lose weight and get healthier whilst helping a charity. Please let us know how it goes

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Thank you & will keep everyone updated


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