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I started making changes yesterday, and with success, still feeling positive... but I think what upsets me is the use of the word Diet... when I see the Diet it read negativity to me, it says your fat and you can't eat this or your can't eat that... I prefer change to a healthier lifestyle. 'Can't' and 'diet' fall in the same category 'negative'... so I am changing to a healthier lifestyle and feeling great even though its only my second day..

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Yes, it needn't be a diet at all. I look at it as a series of adjustments.


Oh well done you ! Success! Wonderful way to think of it & your 100% right, everything and anything is 'allowed' but boring boring boring alert, it's the amounts (as if you didn't know) my journey starts (again ) today and I'm going to keep the healthier changes thought at the forefront, diet sounds sooooooo restrictive and as you say negative !

Best wishes, trier ?




1. the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats

("a vegetarian diet" synonyms: selection of food, food, foodstuffs)

2. a special course of food to which one resticts oneself, either to lose weight or for medical reasons

("I'm going on a diet")

Just use meaning number 1 (Mediterranean diet, healthy diet...) :D


Agree, I hate the word diet too!! Problem for me, all the approaches I've tried have been extremely restrictive and therefore, we're "diets" so the name was fitting! A site called Health Sidekick was mentioned in here a few weeks ago, for whatever reason, comments resonated with me and I looked it up. I really like it, it actually is a lifestyle and not a diet. I'm already down pounds and it's been pretty easy. I have to be able to eat foods I like, it's that simple! Otherwise, refraining from them to conform to a "diet" just makes me crave them even more until I cave and eat enough for two:(

Anyways, this is what helped me")

Best of luck to you!


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