Having a major wobble

Well, I have gone from really positive and motivated to down in the dumps and negative! My best friend since I was 12 ( 39 years) has just found out her breast cancer has spread to the brain. Her original cancer was a few years ago, about 3 years after I had mine. I am gutted and have lost my way. I just feel so sad knowing our time as friends is now limited, and feeling at the moment it's pointless. I know I will get back on track, it just feels hard at the mo. Sorry for the moan, feel better now I've shared. Xxx


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9 Replies

  • Its not a problem, moan away!! You are more than entitled to have a major wobble right now. Must be horrible to find out, but will make every moment you spend together more precious. Stay strong hun she will need you. Its a wonderful thing to have a friendship last like that, its a special friendship not many people are that lucky.

  • Very sorry to hear your news. Time together may be short but never, ever pointless. It's a privilege to have a friendship that has lasted so long.

  • Hi Penel

    Thanks for your kind words, I never meant our friendship was pointless, I meant all the weight stuff, sorry it came across that way.


  • My mistake! Take care.

  • That is very sad news, give yourself a break sounds like your a very caring friend and your entitled to a bit of a wobble x

  • this sounds heartbreaking, sorry to hear. Just sending love and prayers and encouragement to take the best care of yourself, including enjoying exercise and good food as part of your wish for yourself to be a healthy person.

  • There is a GREAT line from an ' Erasure ' song ( called Ship of Fools) that always speaks to me.. its says, ' Why is life so precious and so cruel? ' ... And it can seem to very muich at times.. When we are reminded of the ' cruel' aspect, we just have to hold on to and cherish.. the ' precious' aspect too ..


  • What terrible news, but you must stay strong for your friend and for yourself. Cherish the time you spend and have spent together and keeping yourself healthy and on track means you can be strong for your friend in her time of need. Xxx

  • Thank you to everyone for your kind words, I am feeling more positive now, it was a big shock. We will make the most of our friendship, and I know staying fit and healthy is the best thing to do.


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