This diet is really achievable. Now at my goal weight 12.5 st i am 1.80m, Started 14.3st Need to decide if i want to lose more, might aim for 12 st and see if it can be done feeling pleased with myself . At my pre diet weight i was definitely looking like a typical over weight middle aged man now feeling much better and younger yeh. I have not done much exercise but it does help to active walk or treadmill for 30 mins


Dont exercise on fast days or can get dizzy

Always do the 2 fast days or you will have to ween of food again ie eventually body gets used to having low cal days but not if u miss those days. You have to go through hunger pains if you skip the days so better to just do it.

Dont go eating mad on non fast days

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  • Hi, I'm doing 5:2 and Coach to 5K. I purposely run first thing in the morning on my fast day as I have eaten well the day before. For me, this works as I wouldn't want to run after fasting. I have spoken to others on the C25k forum and the opinion on this is split. Suggest taking it easy and listening to your body.

  • Couch not coach!

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