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Weigh in! -4lbs :D

So I know I only joined this site a few days ago but I decided to make Sunday my weigh in day for each week.

On Sunday last week I weighed in at 242 lbs.

Today I weighed in at 238 lbs so I've lost 4 lbs :D

I'm really happy with that as all I did was make simple but healthy changes to my lifestyle - I stuck to eating around 1600cals a day and tried to exercise for at least 30mins a day even if it was just going for an evening power walk.

I am hoping to loose at least 2 lbs each week as in the past I've dropped weight too quickly and ended up piling it all back on plus more.

How did everyone get on this week? Or if you haven't had your weigh in day yet good luck!

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Well done thats great! Doing really well keep up the good work :-)

My weigh in day is sunday as well, week 14 was only 1/2lb loss but its a loss and my scales say ive lost 5% fat and gained 1.2% muscle so.im pretty happy with that and its half a pound i will never see again.

Hope your next week goes well too

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Well done Firbronfedup :) 1/2lb is still a step in the right direction. Where did you get the scales that tell you your fat/muscle percentage?

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well done keep it going


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