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I made it to the gym yeah!

Joined the gym yesterday and went in today for the first time in two yrs. I made it there and through the dreaded doors. I was battling with myself all morning, working my way out the door dreading the thought of skinny people looking at me as I walked in. Well it turned out to be all in my head. No one was looking at me and the fear I set myself up for was all in my head. I feel great for going and can now continue with future visits to the gym.

I'm happy now :-)

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Thats awesome well done. The first visit is usually the hardest.


Well done ...... just remember the gym is a place were we are all trying to do the same thing get fit and loose weight ......keep it up


Good for you. I have that moment every time I go in! Everyone is so engrossed with their own bodies, we forget that. Actually its seeing myself in the mirror that's the bit I'm not such a fan of so I tend to grin at myself in the mirror, tell myself well done I made it in, and then engross myself in a rocking playlist on my shuffle


That's fantastic! What an achievement. I think you're right, most of the fear is in our head. I'm sitting on my settee now with my trainers on trying to psyche myself up to go - your post has spurred me on! :)


cool, I'm glad I have spurred you on. If we are ever going to be like them we have to get up and go and one day we will also look like them LOL:-) can't stay like this forever. Can't hide from it.

You know what I'm talking about.. :-) GO FOR IT


Hi Trafford, this is the earliest of your posts that I can see.......I was really interested to read your first few post as you've just completed my set goal....five stone! never mind. One day would you be kind enough to do a review post of the journey?


Hi Portlandprincess, I did write a post called "a beginners story" which summed up my journey and how I started and how I believed in myself. It's one of the later posts as I didn't start out on the forum.

I did begin this journey walking in the first week for 30 mins every day and lost 7 lbs, the second week I was so encouraged by this loss I continued to walk for 40 mins every day and lost a further 5 lbs. Week 3 I began jogging which was such a struggle and I couldn't jog for more than a minute LOL and continued to walk, some days I would walk for 50 mins, but my knees began to really hurt and I thought I would have to stop, but I didn't ever stop I just pushed through the pain and eventually the pain went away but it was there for quite a few weeks.

I started out weighing 17 stone 2 lbs and now weight 12 stone 2 lbs. I am much more confident and happy and it was through the encouragement of this forum and all the wonderful reply's I received which has kept me motivated on my journey and this is the reason I am still here today.

If there is anything you would like to ask me please don't hesitate as I am here to support you and others.

Best wishes hun :-)

Trafford1 x

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I think you should post this to the world! Thank you! I'm learning as I go


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