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Week 14 weigh in

Well its a little better than the 800g gain last week, ive lost 1/2lb. At first i was a bit depressed about it, but i looked at the other figures my scales show me, i know they are not 100% accurate but seeing a 5% loss of fat and a 1.2% gain of muscle makes a 1/2lb loss seem much more bearable as even though the loss is low its a step in the right direction for my other goals.

Had a couple difficult weeks weight loss wise, not sure if im plateauing or need to rethink my eating and exercise habits. Time to get refocused and back on track :-)

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Well done! Re exercise: I am absolutely no expert, but in my gym (which I joined a month ago) they say to change exercise regime about every 4 weeks, that the body gets used to the routine and does not respond to it as much anymore. Keep up the good spirit, you are doing great!


Thank you, thats great advice ill keep that in mind heading in to the next week. Last 2 weeks ive been out of my normal routine as been off work so may be something to do with that but unsure. Roll on week 15 plan on kicking butt this week :-)


14 weeks in and still motivated to lose and weight loss however small needs to be celebrated. Hope im still posting at 14 weeks in. great stuff


I always try to celebrate every loss as every lb or 1/2lb loss takes me closer to my goal. Focus on the positive things and forgive yourself for the setbacks and you will keep going and growing :-)

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well done, a loss is a loss! I have been gradually reducing my carbs, especially for my evening meal, which is working for me. Maybe give that a try?


Thank you. I calorie count but not great at working out things like protein and carb amounts. Maybe i should look into it


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