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Day 7- having a wobble

So here we have it ... It's Day 7 and I can feel my determination wobbling.

I've been good all week , stayed within my calories , done lots of walking and been very pleased with myself but

I'm not even out of bed and I feel like I 'need' to eat badly today . What's all that about?!

I need a plan

1. Bowl of porridge for breakfast

2. Banana and satsumas mid morning

3. Make some butternut squash soup for lunch

4. Walk this afternoon ( approx 4k)

5. Make a sugar free jelly

6. Extra veg with dinner this eve to fill up my plate .

7. Eat the whole pint of jelly !

Think I'll weigh myself as soon as I get up to remind myself how well I've done this week.

I might also try on some clothes today to see if they are fitting any better. ( ones with the labels on still!!)

I feel better having written all that down !

Have a good day everyone x

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Totally normal. It happens personally I start with eggs, nothing fills me up as much , tried no joy.

Put on a 1 1/2 this week, partly due to a bi polar bout ( yes it makes me crave sugar madly), and a bit of over eating, went back on track yesterday.

Try to encorporate snacks it does help, winter doesn't help either.

Good luck

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Diana, really like your common sense approach and not sweating a step back, as long as the long-term trend is generally forwards. Thank you for the inspiration!

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Happy to have inspired you, at the end of the day, try not to beat yourself up for you 'errors/slip ups' , unless you are nearly at death's door and do well most of the time of hat is what counts!


I also use the 'what if' theory, I went out to lunch, didn't get what I wanted a hearty toastie, so over estimated its value and adjusted dinner , baked potato, prawns mayonnaise and salad, so back on track again, rather than muck up the whole day!


You can do it! It's never a good idea to put yourself under too much emotional pressure when dieting but I sometimes find it helps if I think about how I'll feel AFTER falling off the wagon, or after those chocolates, or junk food. Don't think about how much yr craving them, think about the annoyance after you've eaten them! That usually does the trick.

Also it takes me roughly 50-70 minutes to burn off 200-220 calories power walking on treadmill or walking slowly on high incline and that's not even a car of dairy milk, so I think ok, if I don't eat that I don't necessarily have to do that workout!

Also take yr mind off the cravings searching low calorie puddings, etc online. There's loads out there which are easy to make and satisfy that sweet tooth!

Good luck! Xx


Maybe you are putting too muh pressure on yourself. Relax, this is about hanging your lifestyle forever. Do what you think you will be able to keep doing in two years time. If walking everyday to work is too much, go on foot and come bak on the bus. I personally exercise a min of 30 min a day, which is sustainable, and I allow myself a day of no exercise every week. Regarding food intake, yesterday I was craving for carbs, so I changed my plan and ate some smoked salmon on brown toast, keeping my calories intake under control. Just have options in mind to be able to make healthy choices and enjoy the journey. Good luck!


It's always good to have a plan to save reaching for an instant fix. I also prefer a protein breakfast a porridge doesn't do it for me. Good luck.

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Dont give up or in Lizziedripping...i had my wobble day yesterday but the scales were still looking good at 5.30am before work this morning x

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It happens to everyone hun. Week 2 was horrible for me i felt weak and tired but as you say you've been doing really well and you have a great plan of action in place to fight those cravings. Good for you!! This change is going to help you for the rest of your life, sometimes having a little "treat" will stop you falling off the wagon. We all have setbacks no matter how long we've been doing it.

I have a "motivation box" in it is pictures of goal outfits and things ive seen or heard that.motivate me and help me stay focused. When really low i look through this box and it helps.

Hope the weigh in goes well, your plan of action seems great, keep up the good work :-)


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