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work is under my control

There is still too much of it, but I'm not feeling overwhelmed this week. Still waiting for ofsted, such a mind game that. I walked to work only twice but still managed over 10,000 steps everyday. Today, to get closer to my 100,000 goal, I walked into town and went shopping. I even made sure I took the stairs instead of the escalators. Bought a new pair of work boots and walking trainers for to and from work as well. Plus silver eyeliner ( I like my graying hair and use silver make up to accentuate it). And then walked home. 20,000 steps today.

steps for the week: 96252

weight: down a half a pound

Thought of the day

This morning I was watching football focus and they were interviewing a lovely fellow who isn't currently playing right now because of injury. But he is obviously focused on getting better and playing again. But he was also living a life. Cooking with little kids in a classroom. Playing dominoes with his family. Being happy. He's not easily defeated.

Also, word of the year: GRIT


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Hi Jessfoodteacher,

Wow, you're doing great with your steps - that's a lot of steps - hope you're enjoying those walks. Congratulations also on your weight loss.

Hope your week is going ok so far.

Lowcal :-)


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