Fitness games?

Hey all

Do any of you play the fitness games available on consoles nowadays? I tried the zumba xbox kinect and didnt like that as it wasnt easy to follow or fully explained. I like the wii fit game its fun but doesnt give me a "proper" workout. Im going to try the biggest loser xbox kinect game tonight, i love the tv series find it very inspiring. Trying to find fun and entertaining way to exercise. Any games youve tried and liked? Any recommendations?


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12 Replies

  • Note to self: body not yet as fit as mind keeps telling me lol. But got through the workout so better than nothing

  • and your not alone, I tried the Couch to 5k, very enthusiastic, and could not even run the 1 minute, so now trying walking, but then felt..yes I can do this.tried jogging, and now can't do anything till me knee heals up.

    so your not alone my friend, but we are all going through it, and all there for each other, good news for us all

  • Thank you. Its good to know im not alone i love this site so supportive and motivating. My knees are killing me today so will do some gentle exercise nothing strenuous. But at least ill stay active which is more than i wouldve done a few months ago. Dont know about you but i celebrate the small achievements as well as the larger ones :-)

  • I am going to learn to do that, my knees just were not up to the running, then walking seemed a good idea, I did a couple but over did it, and put the knee out of action again. I need to make one big effort, so it was good to read other people are having the same problems, sort of helps to share the pain. I will try and celebrate the little success because i did not even have those before I started on this 12 week challenge, so your right, appreciate all the little things we do to get to the end of the journey, Thanks for that reminder. And you are also right about being more active now than before, even if I have not quiet made it at least I am more active than before. Thanks fibronfedup

  • Not a problem. Always happy to help when i can :-)

  • Ive got mostly wii games...wii fit plus, zumba, wii play, jillan michaels fitness ultimatum 2010 ,wii party...I also have jillan michaels 3 dvds fitness set..darrins dance grooves dvd and my best workout I love is mr motivator dvd all new blt workout...lots to keep me going..

  • Sounds like you have plenty to keep you busy, i love jillian michaels ive downloaded her workout dvds and bob harpers yet to try them yet though

  • I like doing the jogging exercise on WiiFit, however I just walk on the on the spot rather than jog. My main exercise is walking outdoors, and so enjoy doing this if I haven't been able to get much outdoors walking done.

  • Its a great way to exercise at home, sometimes nice when its not so serious

  • I've got a couple of the games on the Wii, forget the names of them apart from Wii Fit. Also got some of the Gillian Michaels DVDs - I did the Ripped in 30 one for the second time last night - it's very tough for a unfit me so I expect to ache again today!

  • Well done for at least doing it! My living room isnt quite big enough so dont do them often enough but helps shake things up a bit to do it every few weeks

  • wii fit steps is a good one

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