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Tired Doc, bit less tired, bit less stressed week 3

Week 3 weigh in

72.9kg waist 95cm (baseline 75kg, 100cm)

Exercise could be better in week 2- family ill so couldn't go to my evening classes but did do the stairs at Russel Square tube and walked more than usual.

There is always going to be reasons why I can't make all my classes so I think fitting more activity into the day is a much more realistic.

Found it hard in central London walking past lots of delicious food shops so bought a nice cardigan instead! As well as the health motives to lose weight, the impact on it feeling better in my body and clothes feeling looser is a very tangible one.

How is everyone else doing? New habits are hard to crack; when tired its much easier to revert to our usual coping strategies.

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Oh yes- breakfast on the run tip- soak 50g oats, almond milk, half a tablespoon of white chia seeds, teaspoon pumpkin seeds and some soft fruit in a tupperware pot and take it to work! Yum!


Thanks for posting this because I was worried that I might get a bit demotivated if I didn't lose this week. I think you're right to focus on other outcomes like feeling better, looking better, clothes fitting etc. This will keep me going when I'm lacking a bit of motivation. Sounds like you're doing great though! Just shows what can be done :)


Seems like you are doing well :-)

I agree being tired does make keeping new habits going harder. Im do the same and try and stay active more during normal routine. Work think im crazy as always dotting around the building instead of calling the departments nowadays but great way to keep on the move :-)

Im on week 14 and its going ok. Weigh in tomorrow hoping for a loss so today is housework and exercise to stay active.

Hope the rest of your week goes well


Hi, you're so right about tiredness affecting best laid plans ! If I stay up later than usual it's a recepie for disaster, I start roaming the kitchen like a killer shark ! Bed ! Now !


Yes- and I have often told myself late at night that eating standing up with the fridge door open doesnt actually count... Like who was I kidding?!


I can't believe you're saying this ! That's exactly what I have ( ahem, do ! ) done ! The things we try and slip past ourselves , you've got to laugh, how bloody ridiculous ! This killer shark is off to bed before its mouth forgets its eating healthier and fridge exploration is not necessary for survival !


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