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Super Nutrition Academy

WARNING: Do NOT confuse yourself any further by picking up another diet book, health magazine, or

take any more nutrition advice until you read every word of this important message.

"Give Me Just 1 Hour Per Week And I’ll Give You

a Clear, Useful, and Evidence-Based

Understanding of How Your Body and Nutrition

Work Together to Eliminate Nagging Health

Problems, Overcome Bad Eating Habits, and

Create Life-Long Vitality"

Click here to learn more :


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If its SO super...

a. WHY are you having to ADVERTISE an AMERICAN ' academy' on UK based website? ( or indeed advertise at ALL on a ' blogging/support site??)

b. if it is SO ' evidence based, why is the founder described as 'Registered Holistic Nutritionist and a Certifiied Kinesiologist '???????????????????????????????????????????????????



I did avoid....thank you for your post, your very right in your comments.



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hmmmm, was not intrigued by the original post, but after your recommendation i think i will have to go and check it out :D


Recommendation.. VERY funny!!

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Anaverageman, I think you do not need to worry about the good folks of this forum falling prey to the above. I gave it a good honest try, but apart from all the bla bla on the home page, if you "give it a try now", you are moved to a "special message from" [the fruitcake], which consists of someone reading out the same info you could have read on the home page (bla bla bla), then goes on about the pricing, bla bla bla... Basically, 30 minutes in, you still haven't heard anything of value, nor been really offered proper participation. I got bored and left :D Chances are that's exactly what everyone else will do. (Or maybe not? - I have seen a few sights like this, usually American, which start with some bombastic statement (one that keeps popping up on my web and which I visited out of curiosity after I have seen it about 1,000 times is the "5 foods women should never eat". And then it just goes on and on and on giving messages consisting of a) I have done thousands of hours of research, I have the answer, b) emotional blackmail "if you don't do this, you will forego your chances for happiness/ be at a serious disadvantage compared to the smart folks who "got" it. Honestly, I cannot see this kind of advertising working in Europe -short, snappy, eye-catching, immediate, happy, funny, that's what works here. But half-an-hour (well, don't know how much, could not take it any longer) drone? Zzzzzzz....


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