Please help!!

I am 24 years of age and was diagnosed last year with Endometriosis, I have had 2 surgeries in 8 months and have coped with my diagnosis by eating. I have put on 3 stone in a year and at 5ft 3in and nearly 15stone.... I feel shocking! I walk everywhere and have a very active job where I am on my feet for 6 to 10 hours at a time so when I get home I am usually very tired and lack the motivation to do anything. If anybody has any tips on how to get started on my weight loss journey, i would be very appreciative. Thank you.


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  • Hi welcome to the group. I have a job where im on my feet alot too so understand being tired and unmotivated some days. I started by using a wiifit board to do step ups while watching tv, some days i walked slower because tired from work but other days i increased speed and length of time as i got fitter. I find calorie counting has worked wonders for me as i can control what i eat and can plan my meals and snacks ahead of time. I use an app called myfitnesspal its been a godsend for me.

    Everybody is different so find what works for you

  • I use a site called health sidekick and follow a forum on it called No2Binge, love the advice posted in it! This sites great to for motivation and support too. I like a few different sites for different reasons but these are my top two. Hope this helps:)

  • Keep a note of what you eat for a couple of days sometimes there are extras we forget, I know I do and these little things can make a big difference if you eating more than you burn good luck x

  • I agree with the others, log everything on the MyFitnessPal app.

    Have you considered getting a fitbit or equivalent tracking app for your exercise? It sounds as though you get enough exercise, so perhaps you're just overeating. I find it's better not to eat back exercise calories when you're trying to lose weight.

    After I watched the brilliant Horizon programme, "Eat, Fast and Live Longer" or I initially started eating from smaller plates, not snacking between meals or after my evening meal. Then I bought Kate Harrison's book "The 5:2 Diet" and in six months I was three stone lighter. :)

  • Have a look at the Endo site, if you haven't already.

    Cutting out gluten (wheat, rye, barley) can sometimes help with the symptoms, and cutting down on carbs generally will help you lose weight too.

  • Thank you all so much for the fantastic tips and advice! I am really grateful :)

  • Hey Vickoii ,I used to weigh about 15 stones at 18 y.o., I began running as a passion and coupled it with football(not the american sport) and I'll tell you by experience the key to losing weight/being healthy is DISCIPLINE.I now weigh 12 stones at 20.In general avoid binge eating and avoid crisps,beer,fried chicken and the likes of it(of course, keep a 'treat day' every 15 days to reward yourself).Most importantly, be cheerful and ENJOY YOUR EXERCISE, whatever it may be.Cheers! :)

  • Hi, I started with having breakfast then a bigger lunch then smaller meal at night...or small lunch and bigger meal at night...but not too late in the evening...but eating meals three times a day and counting calories..helps...

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