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Being Held Back

It seems life just does not want me to lose weight! After having a cheaty weekend (kicked off by my boyfriends parents buying me breakfast out on Saturday morning) I've come down with a bug AND I have rehearsals every night this week - no time to try and start running! So, heading of to bed having not prepared any food for tomorrow, and having a 6am-11pm day tomorrow. :(

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oh dear, don't give up, spread your calories over the day if you have a treat. What rehearsals are you doing, does it involve dancing? If so, this uses calories. My buddy suggested I buy a pedometer, which I did and its amazing how many steps I use in a day, so you may be using the calories and not know it.

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It's dancing for 2 and a half hours every night except Thursday, when it'll be singing, and then another hour and a half on Tuesday and another 2 hours on Friday.. :(


Wow, well this should most certainly help, I wish I could do that, get yourself a pedometer, you will be amazed at how much your doing, and being sociable too singing. Are you calculating calories or guessing, I don't calculate, but many do.


Im not really counting at all, Ive just been counting what Ive been eating?

And it's not like I dance this much every week aha just pretty intensive Hairspray rehearsals before a few week's chill time


i have those days too. long days. i always have a protien bar with me incase i get gungry.


i may have to get some... gone so off track today


Hi, oh dear having a bad time then, do hope you keep it going, your very young and lots to live fore.

I am leaving the site within the next couple of days as I feel I have been bullied again by the CEO of the site, blaming me for something I didn't do, as I work for the NHS I can't stand bullies and especially managers who think they know it all, so am saying goodbye especially those who are great to listen to and help where I can. I have given one member my personal email, if you would like it too, please let me know and I will send it privately to you.

Keep smiling for now though.


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