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Day One -so far so good

So day one is going well .

I weighed first thing and I am 13 st 5lb as I thought.

I walked to work and back and according to Map My Walk I burned 350 calories .

I had lunch out today at Prezzo (boss's treat) and chose a light Lobster pasta 497 calories. I still felt hungry afterwards and was so tempted to buy something from Greggs (on the ground floor of my office building ) but went to Iceland a few doors down and bought a punnet of cherries instead.

Today I have 24 calories left from my allowance. I WILL NOT spoil this by eating something stupid just before bedtime!!!

Tomorrow is another challenge as I am going to Frankie and Benny's for a friends birthday, followed by the cinema. I will look on line this eve for the best choices and maybe take a small packet of popcorn and a diet coke in my bag to the cinema.

Hope everyone else has had a good day :) x

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Your doing well, well done.

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This is exactly the way to go, well done!!. Real life happens, meals out, parties etc and it's all about balancing these days with the healthier days. Yes, a good diet should have vegetables, fiber, protein every day ..but it is not always possible and you are not ruined because one day you only eat pizza or icecream!

Use an app such as myfitnesspal to calculate your daily calories, proteins, carbs etc ...( its very easy) and if you Average the correct amount over the week you wont go far wrong. This has worked for me. I was 27lb overweight last May, Ive lost 23lbs altogether, some weeks nothing but mostly at a safe steady pace of about 1lb per week. I am now working on the final 4lbs.

You can do this!

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