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Week 1 weigh in

I've lost 2lbs this week, so right on track. I did hope for more as I've played squash, netball and ran 6k and been consistently under my calorie goal. But I'm feeling fitter, and really happy to be running again, it wasn't too bad considering I haven't done any since November!

The biggest thing for me is will power, putting all my efforts into saying no when the biscuits get offered round the office!

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Thats a great start! Well done. You sound positive and active the weight loss will catch up. Keep up the good work :-)


Thanks for the encouragement! Hopefully i can keep it up!


Well done an 11lb loss is brilliant! I'm exactly the same at work. Most people put on 1-2 stone within a year of starting to work in our office . I must resist!


simply well done, keeping going, slowly does it well for most. I agree willpower, I tend to not buy these bad things and then can't eat them, temptation out of reach


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