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Must NOT get disheartened!

End of week 3 and i have stayed the same. To be fair i'm not going to get disheartened because i had a stressful week at work. I managed on Friday to achieve my reward at work which cost blood, sweat and tears so Friday night i rewarded myself with two large G&T's!!! I kept to my food limit but i haven't had time to exercise other than using stairs instead of lift. So, staying the same is alright. Week 4 should be less stressful so fingers crossed for next weigh in Good luck to all out there this week !

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You lost a lot on weeks 1 and 2, I imagine your body is adjusting. I'm also ending my 3rd week and going on the scales tomorrow. I have the feeling I'm not going to lose either, but I think I have lost some inches, so that's something! Hope week 4 is better!


Good luck for tomorrow! Inches are definitely good!

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