Odd week of ups and downs

Been a strange week went over my calories twice at beginning of week but have ended the week being active and on track again, and cross trainer starting to feel easier to do so will increase intensity next week. Weigh in day tomorrow should be interesting to see how ive done, although since im feeling better in myself now as long as i dont gain i will be happy, not letting the setback at the beginning of the week undo all my hard work. I think seeing myself in a positive way is just as important as the weight loss. The emotional side has finally started to improve as well as the health side so overall ending the week pretty positive.

Hope we all have a successful week ahead :-)


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6 Replies

  • well done, you have been doing well though to get into Crossfit as well, that's pretty heavy exercise, but really worth it if you can do it. It is brilliant that you are so positive and it is true what you say, start to have some success and you can cope with a few bloomers, like overeating one day, not the end of the world. So great news keep going.

  • Cheers for the support its amazing how different i feel mentally and physically i feel after 3 months losing weight

  • I am so looking forward to being able to say that, I am now in week 3 and find a am thinking too much about food, what got you through this stage?

  • Tbh i still have days where im constantly hungry, but i drink more and try to stay busy so i dont pick or if it doesnt work i have a few low cal snacks that i eat slowly. But i find it does get easier especially as it becomes habit :-)

  • You have done well, I have often used the fact that i have slipped up a bit as an excuse to blow the whole week. We all have setbacks but you are doing well, keep up the good work.

  • Cheers for the support.in the past i probably wouldve of done too. Seem to of got the balance right finally :-)

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