Week 2 weigh in

Just weighed in for the end of week two and lost another 1kg plus 8cms off my waist, so feeling good about that. Although I thought I might have lost more, and will have abetter try for week 3. I tried the Couch to 5k for ten minutes, actually 1 minute, tried running the 1 minute and my knees hurt so much, I gave it up and did a brisk 20 minute walk, today did 10 minutes on the rowing machine, so getting the exercise started slowly but surely.

One things I have noticed is my skin seems to itch a lot, has anyone had that problem when they are losing weight? I'm 5ft high, was 80 kgs now 77kgs and 7o years old, so weight seems to settle on the old bones too easily. I'm still working full time and in the tropics near PNG, so heat is often a deterrent to exercise but at 6am it is usually cool enough to have a walk, then a swim. I am interested to learn if anyone else has itchy skin when losing weight??? Cheers Donimac


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7 Replies

  • Ive never had ichy skin from losing weight. Well done on your loss though thats great :-) if you are worried about the itching you could always try nhs 111 or your gp

  • thanks for the feedback, yes it is really weird, I wondered if it was like psychological or something? But because I am working in the tropics it could just be a bug or bites. If no one else has had it when they are losing weight I'll check with the doc when they fly in next time. I'm in a remote area near PNG and the medical people fly in for a couple of days a week, no one on site at the clinic. Thanks for the answer fibronfedup

  • it might be the sweat that's making you itch? I get very itchy if I sweat and don't get the chance to wash it off straight away afterwards..

  • Could be Laila, it is so sweaty and hot in the tropics, and sometimes work means being out of the aircon, so could be. But it has only started sinec i have tried to lose weigh, and I have been over in the tropics on and off for fifteen years. If it keeps itching, I'll see the docs when they fly in next time. Could be a skin bug or something. Thanks for the reply though, I'll let you know how I go

  • Your post just made me realise, my skin has been itching too and I think it is related to weightloss or shape change. Is it all itching or is it in areas you're loosing from or stretch marks? It's not sweat for me as it happen even when clean and dry. I'm making sure that I'm putting on extra moisturiser from now though as thinking about it maybe it's stretch marks coming or changing. If it worries you though you should defo go to the drs.

  • Hi Aquahol, thank you, yes, it is when I am dry not sweaty, but is around the torso area, not my arms or legs, really weird, go an appointment on Friday with the doc when she flies in, I, ll let you know how I go, it is most strange, cheers

  • Hi, I am a doctor so if anyone needs any medical advice about this then get in touch. Dr Webberley

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