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So I've been really trying this week and I have to be honest I've never felt better. Every time this week that I've wanted to just not bother I've made myself and I promise you the sense of achievement is worth it! You all know deep down what you really want you just have to remember it's one day at a time and you will get there. It might not be tomorrow but your closer than yesterday. Let's this be the last time you start over. It's not that you fell it's what you did to get up that makes you who you are x

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Great attitude!! I'm half way through my third week and cravings are kicking in but posts like this remind me why it's so important to carry on!


Thanks rachel1991, I feel the same, week three this week, should have lost more, but have just started to exercise, and will try harder this week. The craving are kicking in, and it is hard some days to think, yes I have to do this, I know I have to do it, but it only takes one cake or biscuit at work!!! to put me off kilter a bit. It is amazing how strong the carvings are and it only takes a little bit of sugar or carbs to kick them in again.

Have you any good tips to reduce the cravings?


I'm sure I have a chart that shows what to swap in and out when cravings kick in. Do you want me to send it to you or I can post it in the group x


Great way to think! Remind myself daily why im doing this and posts like this is what makes this site great and helpful


Hi mel57491

I love your message I feel like I want to put those words on my pin board at home to give me encouragement when I trip up. Very heart felt and very true, thank you.x


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