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not hitting many goals this week

I'm 3000 steps short of my 100,000 weekly goal, but I'm exhausted. It's been a tough week. And food hasn't been good, so happy that I didn't gain this week. spending this next hour trying to re-focus, reading through the posts and thinking positive thoughts for the morning run.

My 8 year old boy came through this evening and ended up cooking supper with me. It was so lovely and he did a good job. Future chef in the making!

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Hey we all have bad days dont think of missing your goal by 3000 steps think you walked 97000 steps thats awesome!! Most people recommend 10000 a day so you are well above that! Your doing well stay strong and keep it up.

Spending time loved ones can help refocus


thank you


Sounds like your having a tough time jessfoodteacher, and if your a teacher, no wonder, crowd control is hard and exhausting. Don't worry about it too much, you will catch up with your goal. Try to get a good breakfast and lunch, and then check your steps counter, maybe it is wrong.

Take it easy and keep on going, you'll get there in the end. How about just stepping in place like marching, would that help?


Thank you DoniMac. Yes, I am a food tech teacher and right now, it's not crowd control that is proving exhausting! :) waiting for ofsted and other dept politics messing things up has proven to be my challenge this week. When I much prefer keeping to the challenge of diet and exercise.

And I've gone for a walk this morning and have had a very nice breakfast. feeling better


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