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Lets have a list of the best snacks if you get a bit peckish between meals.

I try a few dried fruits but I worry the sugar content is too high..

Any other tasty alternatives..

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Carrot sticks are my favourite! I struggle because I don't have a massive sweet tooth so would prefer to snack on something savoury than piece of fruit, but you're quite limited with healthy options!


As Zoe Harcombe might say, if you continue to snack between meals, when are you going to be able to burn fat for fuel?

My favourite meal 'accompaniments' are home-made nut butter with coconut, whipped double-cream, or cheese (sometimes with oatcakes).

Sliced cucumber, red pepper and spring onions to dip in houmous



Some of the weightwatchers snacks are really nice and low cal too

Wasa slice (crisp rye bread) and 15g of smelly full fat cheese - 70cal

Don't snack between meals. Hunger won't kill you and it passes in minutes if you have a drink and keep busy. The problem nowadays is that we're used to nibbling all day long and that's how we got too large in the first place!

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Hi gingernut,

This thread is for those of us who like to have a little nibble between meals. I'm looking for suggestions of what they should be but thanks for the abstinence advice anyway haha.

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Talking of nuts... I enjoy a few almonds every now and again, about 10-15g. If you have time, chop them, toast them and drizzle some honey on them. Also nice to stir into a plain Greek yoghurt :)

I rarely snack myself these days, I tend to have less structured meal times, so if I hit a point where I am very hungry I'll often eat a meal if that makes sense. But if I was to snack then it would be maybe an egg, small avocado, cheese, a couple of squares of 90% Dark Chocolate or my absolute favourite Fresh Coconut. I love nuts but often find I can't leave them alone once I start eating them, I need one of those pet food dispensers that delivers a portion once a day at a set time! :)

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Might sound silly. But you could always but a handful in little food bags. So whenever you feel peckish you can take a little bag and eat it all! ;)

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I used to do that, I'd decant the Tesco 750g Almonds into freezer bags 50g each with 4 brazil nuts in each and it worked quite well. I guess I am disappointed if I am honest that there is still a food that is still able to make me lose control.

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