Crikey, those scales can't be right!!

But unfortunately they were. Stood on them for first time last Saturday in goodness knows how long. Did the BMI calc praying I'd be 'overweight' but oh no defo in the red area 'fat'. And so it begins (or began last Saturday') eating habits overhaul. I'm focused and determined but it's a long road back, at least 3 stone so I thought I'd join up for tips and chats with like minded. Thanks for reading. Happy slimming!


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8 Replies

  • Seems like a focused start which is always a good thing. Break your goals into smaller ones, i.e a stone at a time makes it seem so much more bearable. Good luck

  • hello! i don't now if this will help you but i bought a dress 2 sizes smaller than my size and looking at it everyday keeps me motivated! it sounds silly but i want the dress more than a takeaway! i'm going to follow you as we started our journeys around the same time we may be able to help each other :) my BMI is also in the 'obese' range :( best of luck to you and remember think slim! :D

  • Thanks so much for your reply, very positive.

    I've been thinking about why I eat following a conversation I had with someone the other day who was a recovering alcoholic. He said it was all he thought about, his next drink, drinking when no one else knew and only really happy when he was drinking. I think I feel about food like that and now restricting myself with food is proving a real battle. So I'm going to try to address this which I think will be the key to me losing weight long term. I'm going o see a hypnotherapist who specialises in this kind of thing so fingers crossed.

    Eden I hope I can encourage you too along the way to that dress!

  • yeah thats a great idea! see i love love love food and sometimes i see it as a kind of addiction but hopefully its one i can kick! i've lost 6lbs this week so far and feeling very energetic! you'll get to the size you need to be its all about willpower :D xxx

  • Hi js i started about 0 days ago , i have about 4 stone to lose but this time lol , i,m really trying hard ,i have a sweet tooth but trying to eat stews and veggies ,good luck.

  • You are not alone, welcome! Best wishes to enjoying good health and enjoying nutritional balanced food

  • I too have 3 stone to lose and at 43 I need to do this now as I am my heaviest weight ever. I am determined to stop faffing about and get this job done once and for all.

    "Losing Weight is Hard, being Fat is choose!"

  • As they say in the classic film "Waterboy" You can do it". Thanks all

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