Seeking Motivation

Seeking Motivation

I've done the whole lose weight thing, before. Not really a 'success story' though, I went down from a size 20 to a size 12, but that was then. Then I had the motivation to do something about my weight, my sister had just passed away and that helped motivate me. Now however it's 3years later and I'm living with the love of my life (who spoils me rotten, and would love me no matter how much I weigh) but I know, that I need to lose the weight I have gained back, for me. I refuse to go back up to a size 16! I'm struggling to find the motivation though, really think joining a group would help be tons, but I'm poor. I can't afford to spend money on something I know I can do for free, because "been there, done that, got the t-shirt" haha. :/


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  • we can help each other! i totally need motivation lol i'll follow you and we can share tips ect with me if i'm feeling hungry even though i dont need to eat i call my friend whos massively supportive and she'll reassure me that a size 12 is better than a chocolate bar haha

  • I changed my lifestyle too, I annoyed my sister when I said that to her "you have to change your whole life style" haha. Which was fine, when it was just me, but now there's two, and my bf eats and needs more than me, and he doesn't understand, so spoils me with chocolate and takeaways that I don't need! argh haha.

    Thanks though, I'll defo look into that! :)

    All the best xx

  • That is an amazing weight loss you should be so proud!! This forum is great for motivation and support, dont need money to lose weight, i go for lots of walks with my partner, quality time and exercise and its free lol good luck you will get there

  • Thanks :) I love long walks, but my partner works all the time. Thinking of going walks on my own, cause it beats sitting around the house haha.

  • Your after photo shows that you are young pretty, - make the most of it. It sounds as if you have a great partner too, but you can only lose weight for yourself. You deserve to be healthy too.

  • I find the best way for me is my little pocket book, it goes everywhere with me, I check out the back of my book I put the stuff I have regular so it's a quick access to know the calories.i put what I eat on the right hand side of my book, and what has helped in the day.saterday night is tele night I sometimes have a gin, so I have enough calories for 4 , but last week and the week before I didn't use them, mind you I am 65 I have a pocket size calorie counting book to refer to

  • The Eatwell Plate is quite sensible in that it recommends portion control; it just has the proportions all wrong! The carbohydrates have been over-emphasised to facilitate a low-fat diet, which is not good for long term health.

    An average person uses between 400kcal and 600kcal of carbohydrate per day. That equates to about 40g of low Gi carbohydrates per meal, best obtained from primarily vegetables.

    Having a palm-size of protein is okay, though we should eat the fat that accompanies protein in nature. Lean protein is the fastest way to deplete the liver of vitamin-A; not good.

    The balance of meals should comprise of natural fats.

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