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Hi guys, so I started the NHS 12 weeks challenge on Tuesday morning as I am now very over weight, I was a bit worried about sticking to 1400 calories as it's not much at all once you start to look at what is in the foods you love so I've started opting for healthier options like yogurts rather than crisps as I'm a full time mum I'm a picker I.never have time to cook a lunch so.I snack all day but now I've started eating 3 meals and 2 snacks and sticking to the 1400 and in the first 2 days I have lost 4lbs! I'm hoping to have lost half a stone by Tuesday :D


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  • Keep up the good work!!!! It takes time and if weight is lost too fast I think it comes back. Your doing it right ans sounds like you have patience. I hope you reach your goal and keep me posted, I also have gained a lot of weight I do not eat much but being 57 years old I am not as active, I am moving from Vermont to Virginia, this cold weather makes it impossible and I am not a gym person,,Keep it up!!

  • thank you :D i'm quite inactive as i find it hard to get out sometimes but this is just general exercise like cleaning and pushing a pram around haha i'm not a gym person as they're expensive! goods luck with your journey :D xx

  • Is that half a stone in a week you are aiming for?? That's a lot to lose in a week and I wouldn't want you to be disheartened if you don't make it! A couple of pounds a week is a good rate to aim for :)

  • hii :) yes half a stone :) i see a dietitian now and its normal for somebody of my size to loose anything between 6 and 9 pounds in the first week due to water weight :D thank you though i wont be aiming so high on week two haha xx

  • Thats amazing keep up the good work

  • thank you :D xx

  • I would be VERY cautious if I was you...... it is BETTER to lose only 1 lb a week , but keep it off consistently.. than losing a LOT quickly.. (evidence shows you WILL put it all back on if you 'crash' diet...) that having been said.. I believe it is also quite normal to lose a bit more at the start of a diet - so long as you dont expect THIS to be the constant rate, its common for you body to stop losing after a couple of weeks.. dont get disheartened!!

  • I found the first few weeks the hardest, it does get easier and the subsequent weight loss and feel good factor spurs you on. I was on 1200 calories daily, ( I'm 61 and 5ft 4 ) and lost 49lbs in 7mths and if some days I went over my daily allowance I did'nt beat myself up. I drew a line under it and started over. I'm now in the middle of my healthy weight range and working on maintaining my current weight.

    Good luck, you can do it. :)

  • aw thank you! hearing success stories really motivates me as sometimes i don't see a light at the end of the tunnel!! congratulations and well done for maintaining :D xxx

  • Im on the 12 week nhs plan...but remember to lose weight slow and steady...as last year I lost alot of weight to quickly then it caught up with me later in the year...so making sure I go slow this time to keep it off...

  • Well done you!

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