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I have just started this program and found it fantastic. Unbelievable actually. I am 68 and I need to loose over 20kg. So far, I am down by 1.2kg. I am wondering if anyone has had problem with being all wrinkly by loosing lots of weight in a short time. Changing my thinking and way of life has been really good. I am wondering if I should perhaps stretch the program over 24 weeks and increase my calories intake or would my skin eventually falls into place? Anyone out there my age?

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I lost 20kgs and I don't think I am any more wrinkly than I was before.

The NHS plan is not even designed to see you lose 20kgs by the end of the 12 weeks and that's if you stick to it, do all the exercise etc. Plus it is only about getting you on your way - it isn't something you do and then it is all over. So I'd suggest, just do the plan. In practice it took me a couple of years to lose those 20kgs.

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I'nearly 62 and lost 3st 5lbs in 6 months. I have some loose skin all over, from the neck down. Face is normal, as never had a fat face, even when I was fat.

I am hoping my skin will tighten a bit but don't expect my skin to go back to being smooth again. Elasticity lessens the older we get.

However I would rather be fit and healthy with wrinkles, than unfit and unhealthy with smooth skin, and no one sees my body wrinkles but me, lol

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I'm 65 and I lost 20 kilos in six months. I do have some loose skin but it's not too bad. At least I feel confident wearing a bikini nowadays, without my hefty thighs and belly!


Losing 20kg in 12 weeks is not really doable without making yourself weak and unwell especially at 68, the same age as me. That is nearly 4lbs per week and if you lost at that rate you'd certainly have a lot of loose skin.

The NHS plan is designed to get you eating in a healthy way to help you lose weight over the long term. The 12 weeks is the 'training' period - you have to keep on doing it yourself as a way of life.

Unfortunately, you also have to accept that your skin is not as elastic as it was. I have lost nearly 30kg since Oct 2013 and, yes, there is a bit more skin in places than I'd like but I'm fitter and healthier and that's more important.

You can lose 20kg but it may just take a bit longer. If you expect to do that you are setting yourself up for disappointment.



I've lost about 2.5 stone in 9 months which doesn't sound a lot but I look completely different - the key I think is to replace fat with muscle/toned body and if you do it slowly your skin will tighten up but not as it was when you were overweight - I'm more wrinkled but like previous posts I don't really care because I feel so good - keep up the good work but settle for a slower weight loss


Thank you all. I am taking it easy and learning about a healthy way of eating. I will take as long as needed but am already feeling good. Not tired anymore. Not sore so much. It really works.


I had a gastric bypass 2 1/2 years ago lost 13 stone so lots of loose excess skin


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