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Hey! How are your weight loss plans going on? Mine sucks...I tried so many different things I don't even know what to do anymore ... I gave up any type of sugar and ate only home made foods all month. I promised myself not to go on the scale until the 1st of February, but yesterday I was so tempted to eat some chocolate cake that I thought if I see that I've lost some weight I'll stay strong. Guess what? No sugar and healthy food for 20 days made me put on 300g instead of losing anything at all...just made me cry. I'm keep doing the healthy diet, haven't eaten any sweets and only 1 maximum 2 fruits a day, plenty of vegetables and some home made food, no fast food, no crap...ohhh...I'm cursed to be fat :( I wish I could find a way on losing this fat, I've been trying for more than 1 year, even been to the doctor and everything, but still no results :( I'm in a such bad mood, on top of that I have this exams at uni that makes my days to suck even more...sorry for my depressing post, I'm just having a horrible day... I hope you are doing better than me. Good luck to you all!


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  • Oh no, don't be depressed. Well done for giving up sugar, that's the thing I will probably never be able to do, I am just hoping to be able to control it. So a really good step forward. Now if you are not losing any weight, could you perhaps be eating too much of the home made food? Do you keep a food log and weigh your food? I find the acceptable portions are much smaller than what my head tells me to put on a plate. How about some exercise? I have started the Couch to 5K and it's really easy to follow, am on Week 3 now.

    Say more about what you do/don't, the good folks of this forum will offer advice and virtual hugs. Here's a motivational quote from another forum I subscribed to in the past: "Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to just try one more time. "- Thomas Edison

    (I also have exams, 5 in the next 3 months, plust lots of written assignments in between. See, you are not alone in any of this.)

  • Thanks for your encouragement, well I'm not eating a lot, but not starving myself either, I've studied medicine in the past so I know a bit of how and what to eat, as I took some nutrition classes as well in my previous university. I have some hormonal problems that exploded almost 2 years ago when I gave up birth control pills. Started putting on weight way to fast in a very short period of time and I wasn't able to lose it ever since. I've had lots of problems and all my GP tells me is to take the pills again that it will "fix" me...before taking and during the period I took the pills I was with my normal weight, after giving up transformed in...what I am today...

    I have a special breakfast recipe: 2 spoons of oat flakes, 5 prunes, 2 tea spoons of flaxseed, 1 tea spoon of cacao and 2-3 spoons of low fat yogurt (it's supposed to make you lose 5 kg per month, but I put less yogurt, as it said 300g, but can't eat that much). This will feel me up until around 2PM when I have a bowl of vegetables soup, or salad, or a small portion of pasta(not more often than once an every 2 weeks). I don't eat meat more than once a week and most of it is grilled chicken breast. I have minimum 2 days a week I try to eat only raw vegetables. For dinner same as lunch, but sometimes I have a small fruit salad (3 strawberries, 1 kiwi, 1/2 banana) or some pistachio (50 - 100g) and nothing else, as I don't feel hungry anymore. Most of days I have a fruit as a snack between lunch and dinner. I drink minimum 2l of liquid a day: water and herbal teas. No sweetener, nothing artificial in my diet that I am aware of. Not doing to many exercises, but from my paste experiences every time I've lost weight with diet, sport didn't helped much...anyway I don't want to give up, I'm just disappointed...hope things will change soon. Good luck to you!


  • PLEASE don't give up you just need support and when you feel that things are getting to much sit down and type an email to weight loss support that is why we are all hear to support each other. I have only just started and I know I am going to have hard times in a week or two but hopefully if I do weight loss support will help me. It is not an easy road but hang on. Don't be to hard on your self and try to understand why you might be feeling like you are, you say you have exams that is a good enough reason on its own for stress. Not all the foods we think are what we need are right for us at any one time may be your body needs a little more comfort in food that is ok just be aware of how much you eat.

  • Thanks for your kind message. I won't give up, just having one of those days when everything brings me down. Well good luck to you and anytime you feel down I will try to be there for you ;) I am feeling better after reading encouragement messages from everybody.


  • Dont give up. Try the myfitnesspal app. Its free and the best slimming tool ever.

  • Thanks, I've installed, but I don't actually use it to be honest. I have a diet diary and try to eat healthy. Good luck to you too!


  • Thanks!

  • You have done so well changing your eating habits, thats a great first step. Dont give up we all have things that seem to create roadblocks for us its about over coming them that makes us stronger. What exercise are doing alongside the healthy eating? Also maybe try using a calorie counting app such as myfitnesspal to see if maybe the things you are eating are high in natural fats or calories.

    Stay strong

  • Thanks! I feel much better seeing all your messages. I don't do much exercises, 30 mins walk but not daily, as I have to study to much for my exams at uni this month. Will try better when my exams are finished.

  • Sounds like a plan, keep up the healthy eating til exams are over and im sure it will all start falling into place

  • Hope so :)

  • Hello! I don't speak English very well, actually I'm a beginner, but I can tell you that I tried a dissociated diet and it's worked. I'm vegetarian, so I didn't ate meat, but essentially was this way: two weeks vegetables ( all kind ). I ate a lot. I ate for fear of being hungry. Grilled vegetables, salads, steamed vegetables.

    After that, one week only fruits. All kind of fruits.

    And than, milk products one week (milk, yogurt, all type of cheese, soya milk).

    Usually this diet is followed by a friend of mine. She eat meat.

    First week, vegetables, like I said.

    Second week, chicken.

    The third week fruits.

    The fourth week, fish.

    The fifth week milk products.

    It worked on me. But I work in shifts and usually I eat by night or in the morning before I going to sleep.

    Good luck! And don't forget, you are not alone with this problem. I want to start again....


  • HI Estera,

    no worries, your English is perfect ;) thanks for the advice, I heard about this diet before, I might have even tried it when I was a teenage girl, don't remember well, but I think I used to eat one day only vegetables, one day only meat, etc...but this is not a healthy lifestyle, which is what I want to have. Change my entire lifestyle. This diet might help you lose some kilos but when you give up what? It's not healthy as your body needs all sorts of nutrients every day. Imagine if you weren't a vegetarian. Eating meat for a week and nothing else will give you a constipation, as meat needs vegetables to be digested easier. You lose weight because is like a shock for your body and it's missing nutrients that you are not giving it at the right time. I hope I didn't upset you with what I said about the diet you recommended. I truly appreciate that you wrote me, but I think the diet is not too healthy even for you. Try to have an equilibrated diet and you will feel better.

    Good luck!


  • Hello C,

    you wrote me a lovely answer, I didn't upset. I appreciate your answer and we are here to exchange ideas and not to impose a personal point of view. Each of us is different, and we have to find our personal way even in terms of diet.

    From another point of view, it's nice to read something written by "mother tongue",considering that try to learn English better.

    See you soon.


  • Oh Estera,

    English is not my mother tongue either. I speak 5 languages :) one of then is English, but I like to think I'm not so bad considering that I study engineering in a British university :P of course we are entitled to own opinions and nobody can judge anyone. Good luck!


  • Hi, hope you feel better...if you crave something sweet...have a small piece many calories are you eating per day ? Do you eat any fish...porridge is great for breakfast...have a good rest of the week...

  • Hi,

    With calories I don't count them to strict, I just make an average and consume between 1200-1800. Like if today I'm not too hungry and have only 1300, tomorrow I can have around 1700, you know, keeping like a balance. Having less calories sometimes also is bad, as it messes your metabolism and you don't lose any weight. I promised to myself that I will not have any refined sugar at least one month, afterwards I'm planning to do some homemade sweets like blueberry muffins with oats, I found a vegan, sugar free, gluten free receipe made by a doctor who is in charge with nutrition. Of course I'll not eat more than a muffin a week, but like if I feel like I might treat myself. No too soon thought, I might want to have 3 months with no sweets, as I'm not losing anything yet and I'm quite disappointed with everything. I eat smoked mackerel or smoked salmon, love both :D if you made me choose between smoked fish and chocolate I would definitely choose the fish, which is weird cause I wouldn't have done it in the past...I mean chocolate is chocolate for crying out loud :D thanks for your message, I hope your diet works better than mine :)


  • The nhs 12 week plan is women 1400 calories and men 1900 calories...gluten free items are ok but bad too have all the a normal diet..

  • I never bought gluten free products untul now, just saying that I've discovered this doctor who writes this recipes for her clients, and there are the healthiest sweets to eat ;)

  • Having read your previous post about what you eat, I'm slightly concerned that you simply don't eat enough.

    If you consume too little calories your body will go into starvation mode and slow down your metabolism - for as long as your body is a low burner, you are unlikely to lose any weight, or at least not fat...

    As people have suggest, start counting your calories, even if it's just for a day or two, to see how much you actually consume. If you are under 1000-1200 you're definately not getting enough energy to keep your body going...

    Good luck!

  • Hi,

    I'm not starving myself, I did it in the last and learned my lesson. I do have around 1500 calories per day. Even if lets say today I have 1200 and tomorrow 1700, I read that you have to have around 9000 and something a week and sometimes is best doing like this to lose weight. If you have 1500 every day you might not lose as your body gets used to this...anyway. I have some hormonal problems and it might be cause of that. That's the cause for which I put on and it might be why I can't lose anything...don't think is the food. But I thought being really strict with refined sugar and giving up at it would help...anyways thanks for your message.

  • Having hormonal problems can make losing weight difficult. Have you had a look at low carb diets? They can be effective if you have something like PCOS, as they lower the amount of insulin in the body.

  • Yes, I don't eat a lot of carbs.

  • Hi, Foodie beat me to it, I too cannot understand how the food adds up to more than 1000 cal. I plugged it into MyFitnessPal, and the app is telling me It is about 1000 cal, and that's me being generous and giving you a supersized soup and LOTS of pistachios. The breakfast looks fabulous, will give it a try, but for the rest - all those things are snacks for me :) How on earth do you manage to eat 1000+ cals on a day when you eat just raw veg? And also not sure where you get your protein from? I can understand you are not starving, I also stopped being hungry, but are you sure you are eating enough?

  • I'm eating cooked food as well, but I try to have 2 days a week with raw food. Some days I eat more, some less, like everybody...I'm eating's just something wrong with me...any normal person would have lost some kg in this month.

  • Well, if you are convinced it is a genuine health issue and your GP is not very supportive, maybe you could go and ask another GP or have them refer you to a nutrition specialist or just go and visit one yourself. They should be trained to help with food for people with all sorts of conditions.

    (How are the exams going? I was up till late last night, working on some written assignment, bleh.)

  • Hi Justwanttobethin. You sound really low, frustrated as if 'why is it not working for me'..? I feel for you. I'd be interested to know what exactly your'e eating...for example what did you consume (exactly) yesterday and today? Sounds a bit to me that you are 'calorie juggling', ie: one day 1200 next 1700. That's 500 cals difference which is quite a lot if your'e trying to lose weight. How much weight would you like to lose (realistically) ? I don't know your age but any age can make a lifestyle change and it seems this is what you need?...such as exercise which, believe me, helps soooo much and really will make you feel good apart from tone your body and burn calories (and speed up your metabolism). Try something you enjoy...don't join a gym if you hate them! How about classes, yoga even helps. Walking even...get a dog lol!! Or swimming (and don't be afraid to be seen in a cosie... there are plenty big people who swim in my pool and it's good to see them there making the effort!) A friend of mine lost 5 stone and put it down to her swimming 4 times a week along with cutting food consumption. She's kept her weight down since and needs her swim routine. I think you need to get into a consistent calorie intake too and it's all about the TYPES of food you eat. As I've said here already I HATE the word 'diet'. Most of them are faddy, unrealistic and DON'T work because they're temporary, boring and depressing! You need long term change but you need to enjoy the food you chose to eat...that is VERY important...don't eat lettuce if you hate it! Substitute. You mention you love oily fish? Brilliant. White fish such as Sea Bass, Brill, Plaice, lemon Soul etc are also delicious quickly baked in the oven with seasoning and even lower'd even get away with a tiny knob of butter on them. Cut out carbs for a week and replace with loads of leafy veg. Buy a steel steamer (hopefully you've got a gas hob as best) They're brilliant and so easy to use and the best way to cook any veg...and fish! Introduce carbs later (when you drop a few pounds which you will). But forget bread and muffins...I'm talking about pulses (curry them or add them to soups), wild rice, lentils, bulgar wheat cooked with onions, peppers, herbs and pesto...there's a million recipes and you can experiment with different dishes...but stick to small portions and still have more veg than carbs. I've lost 3 stone 4 times in my life (albeit 3 after having babies, and 1 when I was 20 and hated college so binged every night!) But it's still weight loss and cutting out carbs and fats initially did it every time. Sorry for going on like some insane nutritionist but I find it's such an interesting and major topic, especially amongst women. Keep positive, you CAN CAN CAN do it girl!!!

  • keep going!

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