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Week one over

First week complete, ready for Laura to push me a bit harder :-) . I have lost 1.5 lbs even after a bit of a blow out on Saturday, so quite happy.

After finding out about Parkrun on this forum (been overseas for a few years), will be going along to my local one on Saturday. Not brave enough to run yet so will volunteer for a few weeks in the hope it will further motivate me.

Trousers still tight, but hopefully will lose the tag overweight in a few weeks.

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Well done with your loss, every lb you lose is a step forward :-) good luck with the park run sounds like fun, do they have any walking groups maybe you could start one if not for ppl who want to build up to running?


I think Parkrun accommodates anyone wanting to take part and it sounds as though it is not competitive. Looking forward to finding out.


Thats great so soon as your ready you can join in :-)


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