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Exercise ... just not happening

I am not big on exercising, I can easily say I've never been but there was a time in my life when I actually did enjoy it - I realized that all I had to do was to get started. I haven't been able to do so this time and I've tried everything to get motivated but nothing has moved me so far ... I'm not completely idle, mind you but I can't seem to follow the plans I set for myself ... I just seem to do what I feel like doing on any given days... For instance today, I did SQUATS and I want to complete the 30 day squat challenge but I think my main problem is that I don't do well with commitment when it comes to anything 'fitness'... Why can't I commit?!? If I can't commit with the exercise programs I like, how would I even get started on the ones that I don't even like?

What do I do?

- Going to gym is impossible

- No training buddy in sight (new job, new company, no friendlies in the vicinity)

- It can only be home in the little time I have to myself when my toddlers (2) finally pass out at 20h00 ... before we get back on the madness train and do all of this all over again!

- Work full time so there's no time during the day

- Weekends are out... I have some projects that require my full attention on weekends including household chores etc.

Again, what do I do? Do I just continue as I'm doing or do I just continue to concentrate on the 'small victory' of being committed to LCHF way of eating for the past 3 weeks? I don't know. What do you guys think?

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Sounds like you have a very busy lifestyle! Don't be to hard on yourself about exercise - maybe get a pedometer, you might be surprised how much you are moving around anyway without properly committing to one kind of exercise. What about trying a workout DVD that you can do at home? My sister is a very busy lady but she lost a ton of weight by doing a zumba workout at home in the evenings! :)

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Thanks for commenting Rachel1991 - I have a lot of "at home" fitness programs, including zumba - but my main problem is getting motivated to start something. Some I really, really like and know I enjoy once I get started (from past experience) but I can't seem to get up and get it done. Thanks for the advice - I wish I could do like your sis... but I don't know where or how to start


I think considering how busy you seem to be youve done really well! I had a similar problem when i started as work 12 hour shifts, i started by doing 10 mins of step ups in the evening on a wiifit board while watching my fave programs, as i started to feel better and more positive to doing some simple exercises like this i increased my workouts bit by bit i know have weights and a cross trainer at home which has great 10 min programs so i can fit a quick 10 mins in even on a busy day, just think 10mins a day is better than nothing and once you get started you may get back that motivation to keep going, there are some excellent 10 min workouts online for people with busy lifes. Think of the positive influence it would be on your kids to see mummy happy and healthy. Start small as racheal says start with a pedometer ive been known to pace my living room to get my steps up lol, sounds daft but any form of activity will help.

Good luck hope you get your motivation back


Some people can lack motivation with the idea of "structured exercise," this may be what's causing an issue for you. With your busy schedule have you tried incorporating more daily activities, like avoiding sitting/sedentary behaviour, replacing such behaviours with walking i.e. walking during breaks, into your routine?


Don't be harsh on yourself, exercise is hell to get motivated about,

Have you considered exercising with your toddlers?...it could become a fun 'at home' event, but most of all, you want to be fit enough to be around to see your kids grow up, get married, have children of their own,etc,...

Having a granddaughter arrive a couple of months ago got me thinking and motivated at long last, so I exercise while the kettle is boiling, and put effort into daily household chores, I'm hoping it will help me, hope it helps you and others too!

good luck....


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