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New year new me?

Hi, this blog business is new to me but struggling with my weight is'nt!

I feel determined that 2015 is the year I conquer my weight. I've never been very slim- for most of my adult life between 11-12.5 stone. I've always wanted to be around the 10st mark but probably never put the effort in.. Last Christmas I developed chronic headaches and after being put on amitriptyline my weight rocketed from 12.5- 14 stone in 3 months!! My doctors tell me it isn't the medication (who knows?) but I'm desperate to loose this weight- never have I put such weight on so quickly! Thankfully I haven't gained any more but at14.2 stone I am now the biggest I've ever been :(

The weight gain has really got me down- I no longer feel attractive, I don't like buying new clothes as I think I look horrible in them and hate posing for photographs with my friends as I think I look awful...

In July I am going to Italy with my boyfriend who by the way is very slim! (11.5st) I'd like to feel feminine next to him, rather than the fat monster I feel like! This past year on holidays the only pictures I have are of him and the landscape... This year I would love to be comfortable and happy in the photos and able to enjoy myself without the constant nagging weight issue!!

I am a healthy person generally, I eat healthy, I'm a veggitarian and foodie who loves cooking. I always eat my 5 a day but do lapse with ocassional indulgences that I should probably cut out all together. I'm not as active as I was- I play netball and squash once a week but having run a half marathon in 2012 I am going to try and get back onto the running wagon. However, I do find the extra weight puts a strain on my knees and back when I run.

I'm hoping I can find support and be truthful to myself on this forum and my journey. My goal is 11stone by July 9th, that's about 2.1lbs a week- I'm hoping this is achievable!?!

Love reading everyone's story's, thanks for reading mine :)

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Welcome to the group!

I'm not too disimilar from you in terms of start weight and goal weight! Joining this group and reading about others in the same position as me has been really inspirational!

Your goal of 2 pounds a week is not undoable but don't give up if the weight loss isn't as rapid as you would like! Being a stone lighter for your holiday will still be better than being no lighter at all!

I hope you manage to get back into your running! I'm a keen jogger but my weight has always prevented me doing much more than a 5k! I'd love to be able to run a half marathon, or even a 10k eventually!

Good luck for your first week!


Hi, thanks for the comment! It's been really great reading peoples stories and has made me super determined. I might have to book myself onto a 10k to make me get training! Hopefully I will be sharing a positive story nxt weigh day! Hope your weeks going well!


Bonsoir...Wow...I can identify with you having read your story. You know the most striking bit was the being truthful to yourself. I wonder if we get better at pretending. If for example I am 'on a diet' I eat, for example salads and lots of soups but I gloss over the fact that i have a lot of both and dressing and the low fat mayo (cos it is, after all low fat) and the left over potato in the kitchen! I'm with you, this time I am being honest and I am now going to add up my calories today (I'm trying the 5;2 diet) cos I think I have stuck with it but I want to be sure. And what an incentive you have...you'll do it. On Friday I will have had 2 weeks so I am looking forward to getting weighed (I think). Do you have a weigh day?


Salut! :)

Thanks for the comment! I know the feeling, sometimes I don't even know I'm doing it when I go to the fridge for a drink and pop a chunk of cheese in my mouth at the same time!

I'm trying curb that behaviour- I understand your situation, I regularly go to France on holiday, everything seems so much tastier so twice as hard to say no to! hope your week's going well, I don't have a weigh day but a Friday sounds as good as any!


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