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New here/ motivation/weight loss


Hii everyone I've only just found this through the NHS and reading through posts I've never felt so motivated I'm 17 years old and I'm 12 stone 7. Last year I lost about 7 and a half stone and ive never felt so great and comfortable in my own skin I haven't reached my goal weight that I had wanted but that hasn't stopped me from getting back on it. I intend to lose about another stone and half and I did it last time through healthy eating and regular exercise such as long walks and short runs and long bike rides with friends but lately I lost my motivation but reading up on it on here has sparked that motivation back in me to keep trying becaue theres no better feeling than getting on the scales once a week seeing those pound come off

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Well done for losing the 7 and a half stone to date. You have probably changed the future of your health dramatically - brilliant!

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Thank you :) I honestly hope so :)

Hi and welcome - we're a supportive lot on here! I've just joined myself at the beginning of the year and it really does help. Good luck with the final part of your journey and well done for the first bit!

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Thank you that means a lot :)

Bravo!! I can hear your joy between the lines and you have motivated me! Glad you are here as I have just joined and will look for your posts!


Thank you :) and I'm glad I do try to inspire anyone anyway I can :) I wish you all the best :)


Wow 7 and a half stone is amazing! That must have made a dramatic difference to your health and fitness! Hopefully this group can help you with the last leg of your weight loss! I've found it very inspirational so far!

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Thank you, it really has :) I feel so much better I look so much different and couldn't be more happier :) so far this website has pushed me not to snack on junk :)

May I ask what your goal is?


Congrats on that loss and bravo you for your continued motivation!

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Fantastic weight loss ... wow! Your enthusiasm has really inspired me to get going ...

Good luck!

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