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Little changes to help create good habits

The last issue of New Scientist has an article related to weight loss. In a nutshell, we can adopt some really simple habits that should help to keep the appetite in control. These include:

- do not keep cereal boxes on the counters

- the only visible food on the counters should be fruit

- if food is on the table, people will help themselves. Hence only put on the table things you want to encourage as second helpings (e.g. bowl of salad) and serve everything else in the kitchen and only bring on plates (e.g. desserts)

- middle shelf in the fridge (eye level) = fruit and veg in a grab-and-go format (eg washed, in portions)

- sweets in a hard-to-reach cupboard out of sight (at least you will get some exercise climbing to get them says I :) )

- eat at a table, TV off

- in a restaurant, take a table in the centre, visible to other diners. Apparently, people in dark corners are those more likely to have a generous dessert :)

There's more, if you want to read the whole thing, it's here newscientist.com/article/mg...

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