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Weekend off

This weekend I decided to have a weekend off from watching my food, I actually feel great for doing it, back to normal tomorrow I went for a run n Friday and going for a run tomorrow, but I think that it's ok to have a weekend of, I have still eat salad drunk loads if water and eat veg (think that I have fine this subconsciously), what I did find out though was that I couldn't eat much, I felt full quicker.

I don't feel guilty for going it either.

So the question is?

How many people have a weekend off??????

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I have every weekend off and it seems to work for me. We don't drink alchohol in the week so it's lovely on Friday to have a treat. We also have Sunday lunch for our little girls which is lovely. I've lost over a stone and a half in a year which I don't think I could have done without having my free weekends. Weekdays are very strict though and I walk my dog twice a day. Hope it works for you too.


Hi there, I don't often have a weekend off but often I arrange to go out for meals with friends and as long as I'm given some advance notice ( so I can b strict on my calories beforehand) I see no problem with going out and eating whatever I fancy off the menu and I've yet to gain weight while doing it. I don't think there's any harm in allowing yourself a treat as long as you're eating healthy the rest of the time. Personally for me, I think if I didn't let myself enjoy a treat once in a while I would just end up binge eating on junk food which would negatively affect my weight loss so I actually think it's a good thing.


I don't drink at all, really once in a blue moon, but I think that for me balancing it all out is the way to go, no matter how you go it


Hi Kerry

I ease up most weekends allowing wine and snacks. I have been doing this since June and have lost 25lbs. I have found that my eating habits have changed significantly and I just don't go for the quantities or types of food that I would have before, so my weekends off are probably not too much in terms of calories. I find the knowledge that I am allowing myself a bit more food freedom also keeps me really strict in the week. I would not have carried on this long without that. I still have 15 lbs to go but know I will get there. It is all about finding your own way and not being in too much of a hurry to lose weight. Good luck!


That's what I like about the 5:2 Diet, it's only two days a week and just eating normally but sensibly on the other five. I enjoy a doughnut on Sundays and a good roast dinner. One of the most useful tips I found from the BBC Horizon Programme, "Eat, Fast and Live Longer" is to eat from smaller plates. One of the main reasons for being overweight nowadays is over-generous portion sizes.


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