i am pleases that i have found this site, i just wanted an online support system without going to a diet club, i believe that i can loose weight as i did last year but i have put on 10lbs in 8 weeks and i want it gone. i have a total of 20lbs to loose in 23 weeks for a weekend away. sounds achievable but when it can take me nearly a year to loose 1lb maybe not! i feel very alone whilst i am trying to loose weight as i don't have anyone really to talk to about it that seems to understand! i hope that i can find some like minded people who can help me and me help them in return good luck xxx


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  • Hi. I have just joined myself for the exact same reason but I have to go from 12st 8lbs to the 10st 3lbs I was. I have always been obsessed with my weight and the way I look and my weight has never stayed the same ranging from 9st 6lbs and 17st at my heaviest. I feel completely alone also as everyone around me doesn't even seem to need to think about it they are just slim and beautiful. I have been on a very important journey in the last year and this is my year to finally sort this out and get happy and healthy and hopefully build my confidence. Good luck and if you want my support I'm more than happy to offer it xx

  • Hi many thanks for your reply. I have to go from 11 6 to hopefully 10 stone or a size 10, currently a 12 but for five foot I classed as obese at the doctors which is very disheartening. I kind of know what I have to do inregards to diet and exercise it's just doing it which is the problem! Yes I would love your support and vise versa if you want. Jo

  • Yeah I'm 5"4 so I'm obese unless I'm under 10 stone I think. It is very disheartening but you have to weigh up what's important and what to focus on. Does your doctor having obese written on your records stopping you from enjoying your life or is it the actual weight? You should always do this for you and to a point where you feel good not somewhere your told you need to be. If not you may get there but you won't feel the reward like you would if you had done it for yourself. I'm a 14 bottom and 16 top and want to be 10 bottom and 12 top but if I find I'm confident and happy before I get to that size then great. I think we just need to take each day as it comes and the results will follow. Now I've said that we just have to do it lol

  • Well my menu plan for next week is written out and I have my gym bag ready for the morning so like you say it is just doing it now. I am normally good until Tuesday evening and then it goes out the window! :) Here's hoping I can make it longer next week!

  • Hi I am starting today have been signed up for a while but haven't had the time due to my jobs ( bad excuse). I have decided tomorrow is the day I have lunch ready and my gym stuff for tomorrow morning. I want to lose 2 stone with a 6 month time scale but I could do with the moral support, i would be happy to help you with some moral support. Good Luck

  • Hi well done for getting ready for tomorrow. I shall be going to the gym in the morning as well. Happy to give and receive support. Good luck :)

  • Hi, have a good first week...its good to talk about weight loss on this when we start talking to other people they dont care or general..there always good advice and things to learn about our weight and how to achieve success on this much weight do you want to lose for first week ?

  • Anything! Got about one pound per week to loose before end of June. Age and hormones also not on my side so any loss is good.

  • Hiya, like SLLP I've been signed up for a while but have made excuse after excuse...but today that stops. I am ready to start the 12 week challenge to get into a good routine and hopefully continue with weight loss well after this. I am 5"2 and currently 72kg (overweight range). I have about 17.3kg/2st 8lbs to lose by early July. Wishing you all the best with this process. I am here for support should you need it :) Good luck

  • Hi Thanks and you too, can't believe that I have had so many wonderful replies today already. Hope next week is successful for everyone jo

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