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How many days should you exercise? I exercise for 6 days for an hour but today I wasn't in the mood to exercise and now I am regretting it, I feel that I should have exercised. My mum said that I should have 2 days rest, but I just have the one. I seriously feel that I should have exercised today because when I don't I start to regret it and feel bad about it.

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The NHS recommends 30 minutes moderate exercise 5 days per week. However, if you are exercising hard enough to stimulate an adaptive response (aerobic or anaerobic capacity) you need to allow sufficient time between sessions for recovery.


I always take a day-off from exercise every week. The other days I go on the stationary bike for 30-40 min.


Hi..first of all..well done...I usually workout 5 or 6 days a week...allow for sometime off...


It depends what exercise you are doing. Is an hour a day of exercise something you see yourself doing for the rest of your life because you enjoy it or are you driving yourself for weight loss purposes?

And being able to be 'still' is also an important kind of fitness.


I'm trying to lose more weight.


Recovery and resting are just as important as exercising. Therefore don't beat yourself up for missing a day.

I used to do 6 days which consisted of Spinning( which i love), body pump, aerobics etc. I've dropped it down to 5 days now and I've found I have more energy. On my off days I just make sure I walk more and it hasn't hindered me. I've lost 2st 9lbs since sept.

Well done for taking up exercising, but don't overdo it!!

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Okay thank you for the advice :)


Hi kiran66, I felt the same way to, if I missed one day of exercise. I tend to exercise 7 days a week for 1 hour. If I missed a day, i don't feel good, and became depressed and unhappy. But sometime I felt really tired, that I am not in the mood for exercise, and I found out that I don't worked hard as much as I should be doing.

So I suggest that you took a day or two off every week ,just to rest your body. I did it last week and I felt better when I went back on Monday.


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