3 weeks in - Motivation maintaining


Have almost reached 3 weeks, with my 3rd weigh in tomorrow. I have maintained the 15-20 min walk into work and have walked back on two occasions. Managed most of the week to avoid snacking, although gave in to fruit cake one evening.

A good motivator, for staying on track for me came from watching this weeks Horizon program. Having watched all three slots i have taken the following tips.

More veg less potato on my plate

Slowing down when eating by having a drink of water during my meal

And when tempted to have a unhealthy snack focus my mind on imagining myself at my daughters wedding in a smart dress, stood next to my hubby (who is at his ideal weight!!!) at the front of the group in the wedding photos rather than hiding at the back.

first major test of this will be tonight as we are at my nieces 18th birthday party. I am driving which will assist in the no alcohol but the buffet will be a test. With weigh in tomorrow and wanting to see number 11 rather than number 12 on the stone marker is tonight's immediate motivating factor.


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6 Replies

  • Yes, go for n11! Don't let food at the buffet ruin your good work! Eat something healthy at home before going out so you don't feel hungry at the party. Good luck tonight!

  • thanks for the support and the advice. Just finished a chicken salad as a way to avoid scoffing. Also with it being an 18th, and the majority of the invitees being of that age, we have planned to do the showing of face, couple of drinks and then heading back for a movie at home.

  • well done.... having a little treat wont dothat much damage.... Im doing the same tonight out with the girls ... Im doing taxi driving so no alcohol just a lot of dancing..... and plenty of water and might treat myself to a soda water and lime... not drank any carbonated drinks since 1st of January ... tomorrow I start on my new toy.... a ski walker....x

  • Enjoy your evening too. A ski walker - let me know how that goes

  • I watch the programme to. It was really good and good to see some science and research behind the advice. I am on week three now and have just finished family Sunday dinner with all the trimmings. I am aiming for 1200 cal Mon to Sat and a bit more on a Sunday to allow for our family dinner. Also walking more. Did an hour this morning as I knew I would be eating more. Week 1 lost 6lbs which to be fair was probably a lot of water due Christmas carb feast. And two pounds this week. Hoping for a pound a week from now on with the odd bonus now and again. Keep going and it will be worth it.

  • Thanks for the support girls. I managed to navigate the buffet on Saturday and although only lost a pound i am now on the countdown of 11 stone to 10 stone and have only 9 pounds to first stone loss. Positive thinking.

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