Week 2

I lost another 2lbs!!!! yey. I started exercising this week as encouraged by the NHS weight loss program I followed and it is so far working. I thought it will be hard to juggle exercise and work at the same time but i just followed the guidelines as suggested by the NHS weight loss program by PLANNING 150 mins/week exeercise and restricted 1400 kcal limit. It was difficult to begin a new lifestyle for the week especially when your so hungry after exercise :(. I had 1-2 days where I am over the 1400 calorie limit but I just face the fact that I made a mistake and keep going. I am looking forward to maintain my calorie count and exercise for the rest of the week and to make it my lifestyle for the rest of my life :).


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7 Replies

  • Thats a great loss and great positive attitude to have. Keep up the good work :-)

  • Thank soo much for the encouragement :).

  • Thank you for the encouragement

  • :-) hope your still going strong?

  • yes, since I make exercise as normal part of my weak i had a couple of weak days where I went over 100 kcal than I suppose to and I was very disappointed for a while but I didn't let my disappointment get carried away. I accepted the fact that I made a mistake and keep an eye on my food, added healthy snacks in between so that i don't get cravings and get tempted to buy unhealthy food from outside. So far its working :).

  • Thats great. Stay strong you can do it!

  • Thank you for the encouragement :)

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