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Fed up !!!

I live with the in laws and They eat rubbish all the time fish and chip takeaways and just anything with chips I don't know what to do there nothing remotely healthy in this house unless I buy it . I can't afford to but all my own I just don't know what to I go gym 3/4 time a week have a healthy brekki lunch but it dinner time I struggle with my bf is not much help either Im just sooo fed up I don't what to do ow there all skinnie and have never struggled with there weight !!!!

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What barriers do you have to being able to earn sufficient to support yourself?

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Lots of thing like any young couple try to start out these day I work full time after I pay rent car inc and others bill these not a lot left and trying to save for are own home these only so fare minim wage can go thank for the surport tho !


Good luck Kirby7254. I didn't mean to be critical; we've never been able to afford our own home.

Get the veg bargains that most supermarkets now offer weekly, and eat satisfying food. It may not be cheap, but you don't need as much either.

You could suggest healthier alternatives such as sweet potato oven chips.


It's ok I'm just having a bad I'm sure if I talk to his mum we can sort something out x


You're a bit stuck in that one, but there are probably a few things you could do to improve it. Make sure your breakfast and lunch are full of nutritious food and get some of the cheaper fruit and veg to snack on (think carrots, celery, apples, bananas etc.) Make sure your portion size isn't too big for dinner and try to avoid eating too much of the most unhealthy bits.

Generally, though, you need to get your bf on side. It's not worth fighting over, but make sure he understands that this is really important to you. Be open and tell everyone you're cutting back on calories and hopefully they'll respect that and let you eat less unhealthy stuff.

Hope you get it sorted, good luck!


Thanks I'm gonna talk to my bf freind mum I'm sure she will understand their both lovley pepole and because off the it mean me and bf can be together till we have saved for are own home I think I'm just having a bad day thank you xx


Have you tried sitting them down and explaining exactly why their eating habits are detrimental to your health, explain that you dont expect them to eat the same as you but you would appreciate their support in your healthy eating lifestyle, offer to go shopping with them and show them that your eating choices wont break the bank and they can still eat what they want. My partner is skinny and eats whatever he wants but we have compromised where he will cook serve my half then add the unhealthy stuff to his afterwards. Also if your partner supports you he should be able to help "deal" with his parents. Talk to them, i was worried about talking to my partner at first but we found a compromise


I have to say you'll probably have to take responsibility for what you put into your mouth a little here. If they're happy and healthy they shouldn't really have to change to suit anyone else. You say there's never anything healthy to eat, if you are paying board to them then suggest you keep back some of it for your own food. If you aren't paying board well...

Have you considered cooking lovely healthy meals from scratch sometimes - like a heathly pasta or something on a takeaway night to share with everyone? You might change their thinking and I'm sure they'd appreciate it :-)


I do pay bored a lot I think £240 a month but thank for the advises X


I definitely think that entitles you to have a say in things Kirby. I hope you get the support you need when you have your chat


Maybe to help at the beginning, it could be a good idea to time your gym visits a couple of times during the week when it is dinner time? Then the natural excuse of why you can't eat what they are eating is because you have a class there. (If they have classes)

Then you could have your own dinner of soup, or veggies/ salad etc after.

Maybe you could replace your dinners 3 times a week with a protein shake?

I love chips. I could eat them every day! So I know how hard it is to say no and go against the grain.

Do you have any say in the weekly shop? If you are paying board then you should have some say. Or maybe you could offer to do the cooking and food prep a few nights a week, therefore giving you more control over what goes on the table?

Either way, it's hard being in someone else's house when they are not your own family.

Good luck!!!!


Thank you this makes good sences Iv been looking a shacks and weight watchers meal are to expensive xx


I often have a shake for breakfast 150ml water and 150ml almond milk. (I am milk intolerant).

If I have one for dinner I sometimes bulk it slightly with frozen berries, or half natural yogurt with the milk/water.

When looking at the back of the protein powder boxes check to make sure that the carb count is very low and the protein value high. Sometimes if the carbs are high there is too much sugar in it and you want to avoid that.

Some powders are for gaining weight! So always check the back :-)

If I have a shake for dinner I always try to have either a small snack mid afternoon or early evening. It could be something like a boiled egg, or a handful of nuts or a half cup of cottage cheese. Even an apple or some carrots to crunch.

I really hope you manage to find a solution without "rocking the boat" too much at home.



Forgot to say, don't buy it at the supermarket but go to somewhere like Holland and Barrets where they have it in tubs. Much cheaper. I live in Sweden now and for the first couple of years I actually got loads sent from them here as it was a one off flat postage fee :-)

Even look at online purchase and delivery within the UK as they can be cheaper too than buying in a shop.

If you are ok with milk, then look for whey protein. They usually have loads of different flavours!


You really are in a difficult situation here! It can be awkward living with your FB family as you are the "outsider" so I can imagine you will feel reluctant to say anything in case you are laughed at or made to to look as if you are just being difficult plus the way they eat is obviously normal to them. It also sounds as though they don't do much cooking from scratch which doesn't help. Do you feel able to suggest making them a meal one evening or at weekend? It could be your treat to them for helping you to save for your own place.


Oh, sorry! That should have been bf family not FB - it auto corrected and I didn't notice .


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