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The ides of January

Are we all going to make it past this point of the year in terms of our goals? The real world was definitely pushing personal thoughts out of the way for me. But I'm still feeling confident that I can keep up the good habits. Ate a lot less frequently this week. Discovered from the tv show that I'm most defo a constant craver (do you constantly think about food? YES). Getting the steps in as I'm walking to work rather than brave the crazy traffic in the crazy weather and the water logged parking under the trees at school.

Weigh in tomorrow for me.

Happy Ides of January everyone, hang in there!

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Hello Jessfoodteacher, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Wouldn't it be nice if the costs to weight loss were not something we considered a payment in return for shedding pounds? Instead, why not enjoy the price of shedding excess weight? Athletes do!! Now I realize that we're not all athletes but hey...we can still have recreational fun in physical activities that cause you to break a sweat...right? Really now, the only fat athletes that deliberately amass weight are NFL linemen and Sumo wrestlers; but hey, they are not the model I am thinking of. How's about the NBA and MLB players for a start? And surprisingly enough, there are not any fat golfers who are serious about their golf either. So...go figure! Let's get out and get physical, just like we all were as kids. What say you?


I am physically active. Not sure what you are asking.


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