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feeling hopeless

hi all,

please can someone help me out here, I don't feel like I'm losing anything. I've just started the NHS weight loss scheme on Tuesday so it's still early days but I feel hopeless already!! How do you guys do it?!

I really need someone to help me out, i don't know if there's anyway of privately messaging me but I just need someone to help me plan my diet and exercise because i seem to be struggling. I follow a south Asian diet so we would have to work around that as well and then my oddly structured uni timetable and extra studies. stupid time management is something i always struggle with.

I worked out using the NHS tool that i should be consuming 1511-1944 kcal but obviously i need to stick to the lower end of that scale. Also, what is the recommended exercise time each day? And that should be a combo of cardio and strength, right?

I desperately need to lose a pound a week. :( so in a week I'd have to lose 3500?

Sorry for the moaning, I don't get why I'm complicating it but if someone could message me or even on here provide me with tips for diet and exercise.

Thank you so much xxx

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Also how can i track how many calories I have burnt? Will buying a pedometer do the trick or downloading one to a smartphone?


Don't say ur sorry hun..... Ur not moaning..... Poor u it always hard dieting as so many different types of diets eating different foods...... I've done them all nearly ;-) but just started doing it prob ..... Like u I used nhs site to work out how many calories I should be on then downloaded fitnessapp which is exexcellent... It tells me if I'm eating too many carbs or sugars and u can scan barcodes for calorie info as well ..... Any way stick at it hun it a struggle but we'll struggle together x x ;-)


Hiya, just thought I'd post a couple of thoughts on what you're saying :)

A calorie is a measure of energy. The basic idea is that if your body uses more calories than you eat, you will lose weight. There's no real way to measure how many calories your body has used, so you just have to weigh yourself and see how much weight you've lost.

If you stick to the 1511 calories a day the website has said, you will lose the weight. You never feel it going, and it'll take a few weeks at least before there's any noticeable difference, but if you weigh yourself you'll notice your weight drop gently over time. Your weight fluctuates constantly though (drinking water adds weight, going to the toilet loses it etc.), so you might want to weigh yourself a few times a day and see what happens.

In terms of exercising, you don't actually need to do any in order to lose weight (diet is purely based on food), but keeping your body active does spend energy and has so many other health benefits that it'd be silly not to. How long you spend doing it depends what sort of exercise you do and your current level of fitness.

Hope that helps a little explaining the basics (I expect you knew most of it anyway). If you have any specific questions go ahead and ask, or put them on the main page and loads of people will get back.

Best of luck!


It may be of some use to realise that all calories are not equal! Check Dr D'Adamo and his blood type diet, it will give you an in sight into the foods that are best for you.

This has helped me, and now I avoid corn, and cornflour as this gives me bloating, I use

Rice flour instead, as does normal pasta.

You should feel some body changes unless you are very obese


I agree with what is said above and, like Hollyf says, the myfitnesspal app or website is great as you can use it to calculate the number of calories in recipes too, not just ready made foods. I would advise setting aside a good day (not necessarily in one go) and put all your favourite recipes. It will calculate calories per portion. You can then edit the recipes to see if there is a way to make them lower in calories - e.g by using less oil, less sugar and lower calorie versions of things such as low fat yoghurt, lower fat coconut mik etc and put in more vegetables.

This also helps you to be aware of portion sizes - so, I cooked something that I would have over 2 portions but, as I was short on calories for that day I ate 3/4 of a normal portion and froze 2 other smaller portions (for days with fewer spare calories, or to have with something extra.


Perhaps you are trying to do too many things at once? Concentrate on healthy eating to start with.

Check that the foods you are eating are not full of sugar, low fat foods can be bad for this, as can breakfast cereals, find low or no added sugar versions. Cut out sugary drinks. Move from 'white' carbs to 'brown / wholemeal' if you can. If you eat a lot of rice, try using less and make up the difference with riced cauliflower. Make sure you are eating some good protein and a variety of vegetables.

Calories are only one part of losing weight and being healthy, the type of food you eat is also important.

Good luck at Uni. Enjoy your time and don't get too hung up on dieting. Do what you can, when you can.

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No magic tricks or special formula I am afraid to say, just eat less and exercise more, become aware of your weaknesses and make changes to your lifestyle. I think 1lb per week is good. You don't want weight loss to be too quick or it won't stay off. I managed to lose 6kg slowly and it hasn't come back again. I'm now on to the second phase of losing another 6 kg. Keep going.


thank you everyone, your encouraging words make me want to continue and not give up. :)


Hi Hope00, yours is not an unusual story to read about. Weightloss is a struggle for many folks except for strangely, celebrities and athletes and gurus. Why? It's in occupying your mind with the big reward and the even bigger "Why?" If your life depended on it and it often does (long-term of course), would you be able to muster up the will-power to maintain? Maybe for sure, but...will power will only get you so far before you revert back to surrendering to your cravings. That's where occupying your mind with other things will surely help. There are many daily activities your can engage in which will help you keep the course such as fun exercises that will burn calories. Set incremental goals as you engage in those activities. Today, I ran and walked 2 miles and actually enjoyed it because I knew the benefits to me. Additionally, I timed each lap I completed and competed against myself. Now, the diet plan is an important factor. You need to find one which fits you and not one that simply promises you will lose weight. Read up on the various plans you may find interesting to you and then narrow it down to the top three plans. From those top three plans, imagine yourself craving your favorite dish on the second day of the plan and see what that plan offers to thwart cravings. The best way to thwart cravings is to do something to take your mind off of what ever you are craving...maybe play a game like solitaire on your computer and see how many times you can win after playing ten straight games. After doing the activity, nibble on a cucumber or some other favorite veggie or even a full salad. Whatever you decide upon doing, it all amounts to knowing the benefits and enjoying the journey as you begin to see results. Success breeds success! Hope that helps!



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