Need some advice

Hey, I need to lose 20lb in order to fit comfortable in my bridesmaid dress for my brothers wedding in the summer (its a one size fits all dress but my back and arms currently hangs out of it). I'm on day 15 of using my fitness pal (it recommends me to eat 1200 calories a day) which i am staying under at the moment and making sure I eat mainly proteins and fruit and veg. I am also going to the gym 4 times a week BUT the weight just does not seem to want to come off. Have any of you got any advice as to what i'm doing wrong or ways I can improve?


One stressed out bridesmaid.


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11 Replies

  • Yeah, im logging every food to the exact gram- I might give this health sidekick though!

    Thanks! :)

  • If your going to the gym you will be toning your muscles which are heavier than fat. Try concentrate on your measurements instead on weight.. you will be loosing inches not weight. Hope this helped x

  • Ohh, I never thought of it like that, im obsessing over losing pounds when i might be losing inches! Ill get the measuring tape out tonight and see if there is a difference in a couple of weeks!

    Thanks for the advice x

  • I used to obsess over it. I got down to size 14/16 but my weight stayed steady.

    Although I've gone riiiigghtt back upto at 20. So depressed but I'm guna beat it. Let me know how u get on, good luck

  • My weight gets me down too, more so now because of the dress- thats why im determined to beat it as well! Will do, let me know how you get on too!! x

  • You could be gaining muscle.weight, or you could be plateauing. When you eat the same amount of calories day in day out your metabolism can get used to it, try fluctuating your daily intake ie 1200 every other day and 1400 or 1000 the other days, stops your body getting used to the calories. If you go to the gym talk to a trainer they.may be able to tell you where you can adjust your training in intensity to help you kickstart your weight loss again

    Good luck and keep up the good work

  • Hii..

    I am using myfitnesspal and im on day 70 now. It suggested for me to each 1200 calories too, I managed to stick to this and ate a bit more when I burned enough calories at the gym... Im also really active at work and went the gym. But at the gym I mostly just ran using the couch to 5k app. I can now happily run 5k! But in doing both these things ive lost a total of 22lbs! So it works... I kept to a small but fibre full breakfast, a light lunch (usually some sort of salad) and then a dinner pretty much full of vegetables.

    It seems hard to carry on with at this stage but push through and keep going, you can do it!

    Hope this helps :) Good luck! xx

  • Are you eating enough protien? I drink protien meal replacement shakes and it seems to work. Where are you from?

  • Hey Katee, have a look at this article inside,

    It suggests some sure-fire ways to increase your basal metabolic rate and it does involve pushing your exercise routine up a notch for brief 30 second intervals. It is an interesting read. Let us know how it works for you.

    This article could be the answer you are looking for.

  • Katee for some reason that url I posted didn't land on the article. Let me try it again:

  • Katee, it didn't work again so try going to and search for article name "The Best Ways to Boost Your Metabolism" and that should get you the article. Hope that helps! :)

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