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Struggling With Calorie Goal

Hi all, I'm after a bit of advice/support. I'm following the NHS Weight Loss Plan and am trying to stick to 1400 calories a day. I use the MyFittnessPal app to track my calories/exercise every day. However, I struggle to reach my calorie goal. I usually come up a few hundred calories short, so my question is; does anyone know of any healthy, higher calorie snacks (I.e low in fat and sugar)??

Thanks in advance

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Hey i struggled to begin with because i would worry so much and limit myself. But ive learnt to spread my calories over the day better i stick to between 1200-1400cals i dont worry too much if i go under, and i have a few weightwatchers treats (caramel cake bar yummy lol) i will have one of those just to up the calories also find if i have a little sweet treat like that i dont crave sweets as much. Maybe try increasing your calories in your breakfast as thats normally the important meal of the day. Everyone is different so find what works for you. Good luck


Hi Becky

just don't eat the extra calories, you don't need them on that day and over the week you might add a dew more calories, I often do not eat the 1300 calories I should, some days only 930, but feel OK, so I just stick to what I eat, I am using the 12 week challenge and counting the calories of everything I eat, even a cup of tea. So maybe some days the nutrition in the food you eat is so good, you don't need to keep eating......and that is the best plan. Just don't eat more because it's on your plan, let your plan be to eat what you need an no more, I am on week one too.


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