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2nd week weigh in

Hi all

Well managed my second week, only blip I ate out with friends and couldn't resist the free dessert!! I figure that I need a treat now and again. Pleased to say that I managed to shift another 1lb, so that's 5.5 so far. If I lose next week I will be under 11 stone for the first time in ages!

I also took delivery of our new cross trainer today, so looking forward to using that, especially when the weather is bad.

I was wondering about those of you who follow the 5:2 diet, what do you eat on your fast days? Just how do you manage on so few calories? Thanks in advance for any info.

Best wishes

Deborah xx

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Hello and well done for losing your weight keep it up I am jus in my second hope I will lose something.


Well done on your loss. I find having treats like that now and then stops me craving them.

I got my cross trainer last week, was a nightmare putting it together but love it now it works. Hope you enjoy yours too.

I dont do the 5:2 diet i calorie count so cant help with that im afraid but i would think protein would make you feel fuller. Ainsley harriot cous cous packets are yummy and only about 160cals, so that might help


Hi and thanks for your reply. I was thinking of trying the 5:2 diet, but find that if I get too hungry it triggers either a massive headache or a migraine so I have decided it's not for me, so I am carrying on with the calorie counting. We are putting the cross trainer together tomorrow, or rather I will probably assist my hubby, he's great with the practical stuff, and I can't wait to start using it.

Best wishes x


No problem. I dont think i could do the 5:2 diet as work 12 hour shifts and on my days off i dont want to have to struggle with hunger. Calorie counting has been a godsend. Have fun with the cross trainer :-)


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