My new pedometer has arrived and I have it now attached,watching my calorie input ,I am also doing this the 5.2 diet and my of my friends has already started,I want to drop a dress size as I feel uncomfortable in my clothing and do not want to keep buying a bigger size as its my way of conning myself.

Wish everyone a good day with their intended way of losing weight,must say the knowlege of others doing likewise is supportive for me


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8 Replies

  • :-) Hi, Good Luck! And a happy weight loss! Sometimes it is really going slow, but don't get irritated ! And have always a carrot before you start binge eating...

  • I will do that,a carrot it is,cakes taste nice but leave awful results for me

  • Hey good luck with your weight loss. I have a fitness tracker that counts my steps i find im more aware of staying active. Hope the 5:2 diet works for you, i just count calories and that works for me. Everyone is different. Keep up the good work

  • Thank you and good luck with yours also,I am one of those people that really get to feeling good and comfortable and then jinx it ,I believe logging in here and speaking to others will be a bonus

  • I could almost have written your post!! Lol.. I do the 5:2 & have an app on my phone that counts my steps, I spend most of the day on my feet though and average 10000 most days so need to set my target higher lol.. I only have a dress size to lose but I feel the closer I get the harder it gets!! Good Luck with your weight lose, hopefully we'll be back in our old clothes soon :)

  • Thank you and good luck also,I dont want to lose to much as I am a little older now and recently retired and bad habits of picking and lazy can take hold.

  • Good for you, both with 5:2 and your pedometer which is a great motivator! I wear a Fitbit which I've linked to Bounts and I get points which translate to £5 vouchers in shops and supermarkets!

    One thing though, when you're trying to lose weight DON'T eat back the exercise calories you burn!

    I always use the free MyFitnessPal app to log what I eat but I always ignore that figure.

  • Thank you so much and I take note of the advice,as it would be so easy to think ,eat more because i have burned more,foud it very difficult this weekend due to being away and my food prepared for me,so watching everything this week.

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