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Disappearing inches

Hi just thought I'd brag today lol.Ive just got out the dreaded tape measure and I'm very pleased,after my first week of reduced calories my fat bloated tum has gone down from 42 inches to 37.5 and my waistline from 39 inches to 37. I'm obviously doing something right im being really selective about what I binge on at night now ie last night instead of a thousand calorie takeaway I had a cuppa and a rice crispie cerial bar at 83 calories it really does help with the chocolate cravings too and bonus is they're on offer at the moment at £1 for six bars.im determined not to weigh myself till the end of my first month id rather check the inch loss each week.ive increased my excercise levels,not by loads as I can't but I'm doing more than I was before.my skin is all blotchy this week but it's probthe body getting rid of all the toxins so that should settle down in a few days.the reduced calories and five-2 diet is def giving me good results and faster than I thought.i do feel very positive too no mood swings or unbearable cravings.lets hope it continues like this lol.good luck everyone just keep plodding away.x

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Great to hear this,inspiring for me as I have just started last week and the 5.2 is the way for me also,congratulations on the inch loss,I so want to do likewise,dress size never settles with my bingeing on and off,crisps and chocs,my downfall,again good luck on the good achievement


Thanks all.right now I'm starving lol so I've just put on a lovelly big pot of home made soup,chicken stock (from a chicken not a cube) fresh carrots leek and onion and red lentils with mixed broth,smells like heaven in here im foaming at the mouth waiting on it lol.its a life saver on the 500 days.today I've had poached egg on toast 132 calories,a Kelly's crispie bar killed the chocolate craving at lunch time 83 cals and two cuppas,I'll have my soup later with small bit of tiger bread and then tonite another serial bar and I'm done,fingers crossed lol.knees are so bad today overdid it with the walking/driving so hopefully early night for me.


Well done for staying strong on your fast day. The homemade Chicken soup sounds lovely!

When I started my 5:2 diet, I also struggled with feeling hungry on fast days in the first few weeks. I have since learnt the foods that keep me feeling full and have discovered that soups are really good on these days. I also found that boiled eggs are filling and reasonably low in calories.

Luckily you can motivate yourself by remembering that you can eat properly the next day....

Another thing that motivated me was that I could see results and really feel that fat was coming off, especially around my belly.....

Good Luck and hope you continue to loose the inches.


Hi surreyman thank you my soup is the best but then I'm biased haha.im a very old fashioned cook and if I stick to that rather than ready meals or takeaways I know the weight will drop off as long as I watch the calories.yesterday I did well and didn't find it too harsh and like you say I know it's only for one day so it's working well for me.its the belly fat that's the hardest to shift isn't it.keep plodding away and we will win lol.


What a bummer of a day.i was quite happy thinking right im doing all the right stuff and I will make these changes now and improve my health and just got back from docs,I have pleurisy,I had that rotten cough for about 5 weeks and it went last week but yesterday my ribs and left lung and shoulder felt really sore,last night I couldn't sleep with pain and my chest started to feel sore and tight,went to docs and she said its the after effect of the cough it's left me with pleurisy,I've just to take ibuprofen for the pain and if still bad go back in a week for an xray.im not happy about this but what could I say.it was very difficult not to just sit down and pig out like I would usually do if I get upset by something I've just taken my painkillers as instructed and had a bowl ofmy wicked soup ,looks like I exercise for me this week just bed rest I think,thall teach me for bragging lol.


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